Wizards Unite – Experience

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Experience is used to level up and progress in the adventure. It is very crucial to gather as much experience as possible as levelling up will unlock new potions and new features in the game that you will eventually require to progress. Below are some of the several ways to collect experience, along with the amount of experience you will get from these actions. 

Traces – Low50 XP
Traces – Medium75 XP
Traces – High150 XP
Traces – Severe250 XP
Traces – Emergency500 XP 
Bonus – First Cast10 XP
Bonus – Fair Cast10 XP
Bonus – Good Cast20 XP
Bonus – Great Cast50 XP
Bonus – Masterful100 XP
Bonus – First Catch250 XP
Bonus – New Registry Entry250 XP
Bonus – New Spell Entry200 XP
Oddities – Pixie50 XP
3 Rank XP
Oddities – Centaur100 XP
5 Rank XP
Oddities – Vampire150 XP
16 Rank XP
Oddities – Werewolf150 XP
16 Rank XP

Rank Experience: Differs from a player’s experience. Levelling up Ranks will reward Scrolls (which are used to upgrade your Skill Tree) and Runestones. One can decide to level up his rank more than one level at a time, for more Scrolls and a higher level Runestone.

The maximum level in the game has been reported to be level 60, which would allow for a longer progression than Pokémon Go. More details to come.


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