Wizards Unite – Expertise

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Wizards and Witches can gain Expertise by using Scrolls and Spell Books in Profession Lessons. Each Profession has a different set of skills in which they gain Expertise.

StaminaThe amount of damage a combatant can withstand.
PowerThe amount of damage a combatant can inflict against Foes.
Protego PowerThe reduction in the damage taken by a combatant when Protego is successfully cast.
PrecisionThe chance a successful Spell Cast will result in a Critical Cast.
Critical PowerThe amount of additional damage done when landing a successful Critical Cast.
Proficiency PowerThe increase in the damage done against Foes when the combatant has a Proficiency against that Foe.
Deficiency DefenceThe increase in Defence when the combatant has a Deficiency against that Foe.
DefenceDefensive Strength against Foes.
Defence BreachThe decrease a combatant does to their Foes’ defence in combat.
AccuracyThe amount of increased accuracy a combatant has against evasive Foes.
Maximum FocusThe maximum amount of Focus that can be stored during a Wizarding Challenge.
Initial FocusThe amount of Focus available at the beginning of a Wizarding Challenge.

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