Wizards Unite – Fortresses

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Fortresses = Wizarding Challenges

With up to four other recruits (for a total of five players), enter combat in real time against a group of enemies to obtain rare items. To enter these combats, one will be required to use a Runestone (which certainly seems to be the equivalent of a Raid Pass in Pokémon, therefore limiting your ability to enter a Fortress too many times in a day).

There will be several floors/chambers in each Fortresses, and each floor/chamber will increase in difficulty, but will reward better items! At this point, depending on the skills you have increased in Skill Tree, you will have to decide which of the enemies to battle against wisely!

One will require a Runestone to enter a Fortress. In order to have access to other floors in Fortresses, one must first complete the floor at the level below. Unlocking a floor level will unlock it for ALL Fortresses thereafter.

The Runestone you use will determine the difficulty level of the battles, along with the foes you will be facing based on the level of said Runestone, and the Family it belongs it. For instance, if you use a Level 1 Mysterious Artefacts Runestone, you will face low level foes from that Family.

You are very unlikely going to lack Runestones as they are very easily obtainable, so battle away!

Wondering what a Fortress with some sort of coloured aura around it means (see image below). It means that either someone is challenging/battling it, or that it was very just recently challenged/battled.

Battle Tips in Fortresses
  • One can use Charms on Allies or Foes from the “Overview” screen by dragging and dropping it on said Ally or Foe. A buffed Ally will show a green arrow will appear, and an orange aura around hexed Foes. More details under Charms.
  • Stamina lost from a stage/floor will reset for the next stage/floor.
  • One can cast a spell on a Foe engaged in a battle with an Ally.


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