Wizards Unite – Greenhouses

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Greenhouses are communal pots, where players will be able to plant Ingredient Seeds in order to grow/harvest Potion Ingredients.

  • Anyone in the area can use Greenhouses, i.e. communal and not limited to a single individual.
  • Use the Herbivicus cast on the Ingredient Seeds when planted to produce more Potion Ingredients.
  • When fully grown, your Potion Ingredients appear on the map. You have a limited amount of time to retrieve them from the location where you planted them.
  • Others can also benefit from your Ingredient Seeds, but they will retrieve a copy of what was grown to avoid theft.
  • Make sure to return after the harvesting period is over in a timely fashion, i.e. very shortly after. Failing to do so might result in you missing out on your Ingredients.


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