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Your Passport will be registered with the Ministry of Magic and allow you to take on the investigation of the Calamity. You didn’t think the Ministry of Magic would let you use magic without being registered first, did you? Fools!

On your passport, you will be able to customize various things! Now, make sure you are happy with what you put up on your passport as this is what your friends will see (aside from item 2 on the image below).

  1. Your avatar/profile picture. Customization for your picture is where you will have the most fun!
  2. Your own name, which will NOT be shared with anyone unless your share a screenshot or recording of your passport. Not to confuse with your Code Name.
  3. Your title (click here for more information on those).
  4. Your house and pride!
  5. Youre Profession.
  6. Your wand, which can be customized using so many different materials and characteristics.
  7. Your badges.

Regarding Titles, it is still unclear how one will be able to unlock the various Titles. Each Title requires to be unlocked by completing its achievement (to be added soon).

TitleAchievement required
Statue of Secrecy Supporter
Eliminator of ElitesDefeat 2 elite foes
Strategic SpellcasterCast 1 spell
Calamity InvestigatorFind 1 mystery item
Apprentice ApothecaryPick up 2 ingredients from the map
Superior SpellcasterCast 1 Masterful spell
Masterful MagizoologistComplete 1 Magizoologist book
Proficient ProfessorComplete 1 Professor book
Accomplished AurorComplete 1 Auror book
Elixir EnthusiastBrew 1 Elixir potion
S.O.S. AmbassadorEncounter foundables in 3 countries
Herbaceous HarvesterLoot 3 Greenhouses
Advance GuardReach level 3
Challenge ChampionWin 1 challenge
Wizarding WandererWalk 2 kilometres
Diligent DinerLoot 3 Inns
Accomplished ArchivistPlace 3 stickers
Portkey PassengerOpen 2 portkeys
Helpful HerbologistPlant 3 seeds
Detector DistributorPlace 2 dark detectors
Chamber ChallengerDefeat 2 foes in a challenge
Practiced PotioneerBrew 1 potion

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