Wizards Unite – Energy

Spell Energy is the most important resource in Wizards Unite as you need it to accomplish almost everything from completing Traces and returning Foundables to their home to completing Wizarding Challenges (i.e. battles) in Fortresses.

How to obtain Spell Energy?

  • Inns – Best place to collect Spell Energy (between 1 and 10 per gesture);
  • Greenhouses – Decent place to collect Spell Energy (up to two);
  • Tasks/Assignments – Some tasks, once completed, will reward you with a small amount of Spell Energy, make sure to complete them.
  • In-game store – You know, for real money…

When you begin, you are limited to the amount of 75 Spell Energy, although if you visit an Inn when at 74, you may see your Spell Energy count go over the limit.

Increasing your Energy Capacity will be one of the things you will want to spend your Coins on (along with your Vault and Seeds storage). Reports indicate that Wizards/Witches can increase their Energy Capacity to up to 500, but that remains to be confirmed.

Every increase costs 150 Coins for an additional 10 Spell Energy slots.

On the other hand, every Vault increase costs 475 Coins and unlock an additional:

  • 10 Spell Energy slots
  • 10 Potion Capacity slots
  • 30 Ingredient slots

Increasing your Vault storage will have you saved 25 Coins.

Tips related to Spell Energy

  • Improve your tracing skills and use potions when needed to avoid having to recast a Spell as recasting costs another Spell Energy;
  • When low on Energy, keep them for potential High or Severe Threats;
  • Avoid using too much Energy in harvesting resources in Greenhouses;
  • When low on Spell Energy, focus on Traces/Foundables you have not yet completed in order to maximize experience gain.

Got more tips and suggestions to save Energy or to use it more efficiently? Let us know below! We’ll give you credits for your suggestions!

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