Wizards Unite – Brilliant Foundables

Below are all the various Brilliant Foundables in the game. Some have not yet been made available (indicated by an **). Brilliant Foundables are released during Special in-game Events and their Fragments can be found in various ways such as Portkeys, Wizarding Challenges, on the map, or through Special Tasks/Assignments.

Hogwarts Related Brilliant Foundables

  • Brilliant Albus Dumbledore**
  • Brilliant Sirius Black**
  • Brilliant Sorting Hat**
  • Brilliant Gryffindor Student**
  • Brilliant Hufflepuff Student**
  • Brilliant Ravenclaw Student**
  • Brilliant Slytherin Student**

Fantastic Beasts/Magizoology Related Brilliant Foundables

  • Brilliant Newt Scamander**
  • Brilliant Ukranian Ironbelly**
  • Brilliant Fire Seed Bush**
  • Brilliant Fire Crab**
  • Brilliant Griffin Claw**
  • Brilliant n/a Gloves**
Image recreated by Virodoran, dataminer

Fantastic Flora and Fauna Brilliant Event

  • Brilliant Young Acromantula (through Fortresses with Brilliant Runestones)
  • Brilliant Buckbeak (in the wild)
  • Brilliant Salamander (through Tasks/Assignments)
  • Brilliant Scorched Tree Stump (through Tasks/Assignments)
  • Brilliant Snargaluff (through 7km Portkeys)
  • Brilliant Unicorn (in the wild)

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