Wizards Unite – Ingredients

Below is a list of all the Ingredients in Wizards Unite. Those with a black and white mushroom image are not yet available to players.

IngredientImageWhere to find it (Research in progress)Potion brewed with it (if known)
Abraxan HairStrong Exstimulo Potion
Acromantula Venom
AlihotsyMemory Potion
Armadillo BileWit-Sharpening Potion
Ashwinder EggLove Potion
Beetle Eye
Billywig StingWideye Potion
Bitter RootExstimulo Potions
Bubotuber PusHealing Potion
ButterscotchDawdle Draught
Chizpurfle Fang
Common RueShrinking Potion
Daisy Root
DittanyHealing Potion
Dragon Dung
Dragon LiverHealing Potion
Dragon ScaleBaruffio’s Brain Elixir
Dragonfly Thorax
Dried Nettles
Eel EyesMemory Potion
Essence of Dittany
Fairy Wings
Frog BrainBaruffio’s Brain Elixir
Ginger RootWit-Sharpening Potion
Granian HairExstimulo Potion
Ground Scarab BeetlesWit-Sharpening Potion
Ground Unicorn Horn
Hermit Crab ShellPortkeyDawdle Draught
HoneywaterInvigoration Draught
Horned Slug
Hurklump Juice
Jobberknoll FeathersMemory Potion
Lady's Mantle
Leaping ToadstoolBaruffio’s Brain Elixir
Leech JuiceShrinking Potion
LovageInvigoration Draught
Newt SpleenWit-Sharpening Potion
Peacock Feather
Powdered Dragon ClawBaruffio’s Brain Elixir
Powdered Griffin Claw
Powdered Occamy Eggshell
Re'em BloodExstimulo Potion
Runespoor EggsBaruffio’s Brain Elixir
ScurvygrassInvigoration Draught
Shrake Spine
Snake FangWideye Potion
SneezewortInvigoration Draught
SnowdropExstimulo Potions
Sopophorous BeanDawdle Draught
Squill Bulb
Stewed Mandrake
Tincture of Demiguise
Unicorn HairPortkeyPotent Exstimulo Potion
Valerian RootDawdle Draught
Vervain InfusionInvigoration Draughts
WolfsbaneWideye Potion
WormwoodHealing Potion
Erumpent HornPortkeyTonic - Trace Detection
Angel's TrumpetTonic - Trace Detection
Bulbadox JuiceTonic - Trace Detection
BaneberryTonic - Trace Detection

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