Wizards Unite – SOS Assignments

SOS Task Assignments are Wizarding Assignments from from the Ministry’s SOS Task Force that represent the core of the storyline behind Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

The various tasks (listed below) will have you work with Hermione, Harry, and Constance Pickering, a newly introduced character for the purpose of the game.

Work with Constance Pickering in an expanded role within the Statute of Secrecy Task Force. These SOS Investigation Assignments are not just about containing the Calamity, but helping the Ministry to better understand it.

SOS Task Force

Current SOS Assignments (unlock at level 3)

Every Assignment will reward 5 Coins and each step of the assignment will reward respectively 50, 100, and 300 XP for completion.

Fantastic Foundables

Work with Constance to more clearly understand Foundables and why we must return them.
Requires level 3.

  • Dine at Inns three times
  • Return two Foundables of any Family
  • Place one image in the Registry

Confounding Confoundables

Work with Constance to understand Confoundables more clearly.
Requires level 3.

  • Perform 5 Good Spell Cast
  • Perform 2 Great Spell Cast
  • Return 3 Foundables of any Family

Fragmented Foundables

Work with Constance to understand Foundables and why some are Fragmented.
Requires level 4.

  • Recover 2 Foundable Fragments
  • Unlock 1 Portkey Portmanteau
  • Place 2 Image in the Registry

Framing Foundables

Work with Constance to more fully understand the Registry and Families.
Requires level 5.

  • Return 3 Mysterious Artefacts Family Foundables
  • Return 5 Legends of Hogwarts Family Foundables
  • Place 2 Dark Arts Family Foundables

A Calamitous Conundrum

Work with Constance to earn Ministry Treasure Trunks.
Requires level 6.

  • Recover the London Five Transcript Mystery Object
  • Dine at Inns 3 Times
  • Recover the Redacted Report Mystery Object

Foraging in Fortresses

Work to successfully recover Foundables from Wizarding Challenges.
Requires level 7.

  • Defeat 6 Foes in Wizarding Challenges
  • Defeat 2 Common Erkling Foes in Wizarding Challenges
  • Play 3 Wizarding Challenges.

Stronger United

Work with Constance to earn Ministry Treasure Trunks.
Requires level 7.

  • Return 2 Magizoology family Foundables
  • Return 2 Ministry of Magic family Foundables
  • Return 2 Hogwarts School family Foundables

Advanced Potion-Making

Expand your knowledge of Potions with Gethsemane Prickle.
Requires level 8.

  • Brew 3 potions
  • Use 2 Exstimulo Weak Potion
  • Use 1 Baruffio’s Brain Elixir

Persistent Predicament

Help Hermione Granger understand the nature of the Calamity.
Requires level 10.

  • Unlock one 5km Portmanteau
  • Walk 5 Kilometres
  • Return 2 Dark Arts family Foundables

Two Spells?

Work with Hermione Granger to better understand Confoundables.
Requires level 12.

  • Recover 2 Pixie Wings from Pixie Confoundables.
  • Return 2 Legends of Hogwarts  family Foundables
  • Recover 2 Fire Embers from Fire Confoundables.

Diving Deeper

Help Hermione Granger with her research into the Calamity.
Requires level 14.

  • Return 5 Foundables of any Family
  • Return 2 High Threat Foundables
  • Defeat 10 Foes in Wizarding Challenges.

Dynamic Dilemma

Help Hermione Granger investigate the reactive nature of the Calamity.
Requires level 16.

  • Place 2 Image in the Registry.
  • Collect from 7 Inns.
  • Defeat 10 Pixie Foes in Wizarding Challenges.

Chasing the Wind

Continue researching the Calamity for Hermione Granger.
Requires level 18.

  • Perform 5 Masterful Spell Casts.
  • Recover 3 Troll Bogeys from Troll Confoundables.
  • Brew 7 Potions.

All in One

Work with Constance to research Oddities.
Requires level 20

  • Recover 5 Doxy Droppings from Doxy Oddities.
  • Recover 2 Tufts of Werewolf Hair from Werewolf Oddities
  • Collect from 10 Inns

Witches and Wizards United

Help Harry at the Fortresses by playing Wizarding Challenges.
Requires level 20.

  • Defeat 30 Foes in Wizarding Challenges
  • Play 3 Wizarding Challenges with at least 3 other players
  • Defeat 10 Formidable Death Eater Foes in Wizarding Challenges

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