Wizards Unite – Friends

Wizards and Witches are able to connect or make new Friends in Wizards Unite. While being someone’s friends in the game doesn’t allow for much interactions at this stage, it is without a doubt that the feature will eventually change and allow for more interactions.

To be friends with other people, you simply have to share your code, which you can obtain from the Friends panel (bottom left, above your profile panel). Being friends with other Wizards and Witches currently allow them to see the following information from you:

  • Code Name
  • Wizarding Titles (that you have selected)
  • Hogwarts House affiliation
  • Most current Profession
  • Wizarding Achievements (that you have selected)
  • Lifetime statistics

Friends will not be able to see your profile picture/avatar nor your real name. For more information about your profile/passport, click here.

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