Samsung Unpacked 2018: An Apple fanboy’s take on the announced Galaxy S10 series

As a loooong time Apple user (who did try a Samsung device for about 6 months in the past), we have to admit that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is definitely promising. Not to the point where we would consider putting our good ol’ iPhone back in the drawer for it, but certainly enough to admit that the device has very interesting features.

This review might sound like an Apple fanboy’s hatred against Samsung, but we promise, we would probably have the same feedback if Apple were to come up with some of the features reviewed below.

In terms of display, let’s be honest, even on Apple’s side, the latest advancements haven’t made any impact that we can actually notice, so we don’t feel like this improvement even on the S10 will be noticeable to most users.

The new placement of the front camera seems somewhat strange to us. Too often have we found ourselves in the situation shown below (image extracted from Samsung Unpacked 2019). With the camera in the corner, we know that our hands’ placement would not consistently be as robotic as the one depicted in the image below, but rather have one of our dirty fingers cover the lens. Although we are certain that Samsung has tested this placement more times than required, we still feel that it is somewhat an odd decision on their part, but that remains to be tested.


Another improvement that Samsung brought forward is the internal memory, which can now be up to 1 terabyte! Impressive, right? Well, as a user who tends to keep his storage clean of unnecessary apps, songs, pictures, etc.; we feel that it is a bit of an over-push. Plus, considering that most users now tend to use the infamous cloud space available for their pictures and videos (and sometimes unlimited like Prime) or music streaming services or even movies and series streaming services; we’re not sure what would justify someone to require 1 terabyte of internal storage for. Yes, some applications are now somewhat large, but none requires the storage of a console or pc game, right?

Does the Apple fanboy have anything positive to say? Well yes, of course!

The “pro grade” (as described by Product Marketing Directory Suzanne De Silva) three lens camera is definitely impressive! While we could care less about the partnership with Instagram, the range of options added with the additional third lens allows amateur photographs like ourselves to take next level pictures. In short, this new feature allows users to switch between 123-degree ultra-wide, 77-degree wide and 45-degree telephoto perspectives. Of course, this remains to be tested, but if it is only close to what Samsung is promising, it should definitely be the top camera-phone on the market!

Wireless charging on our current iPhone X has been a feature that has proven much more interesting to us than we had anticipated. With the S10 (and probably any upcoming smartphones on the market), users will get the possibility of charging other devices with it wirelessly (so long as they are wireless charging capable). That’s right, if your spouse’s or friend’s phone’s battery is depleting too fast, well worry not because you’ll be able to save the day. Our example may sound simplistic and somewhat idiotic, but we genuinely believe that this opens up to many possibilities in the realm of wireless charging. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to wirelessly charge our phones by simply being in a room one day!

Finally, and what we’re the most excited about, is how Samsung managed to using fingerprint detection while retaining edge to edge display. Forget about the good ol’ home button! Samsung pushed things to the next level (and we really hope Apple follows up on this). How does it work? The ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint technology uses sound waves to read your print. Basically, the device will bounce sound waves off the skin of your finger (magically ignoring grease, water, etc.). CNET provides a really clear visual explanation of how this all works, and we’re sharing it with you below.

As for the Galaxy Fold (more details about the device thanks to our colleague Incien right here), we simply don’t see the point so we’ll be very brief. The device is incredibly expensive (over 2,000$ CAD), and the screen size of current smartphones is already plenty enough for everyone’s daily needs, in our humble opinion. Furthermore, thickness is an important factor for us, and the Fold will simply make it too thick for us to carry around in our pants’ or vest’s pocket.

Parting Words

What’s our final take? We won’t be switching for the S10 anytime soon, but the main reason for this is that it uses Android. While some prefer the flexibility that it offers, we find iOS to be a much more reliable and convenient experience for a mobile device. However, we must admit that Samsung is certainly a great contender for the best mobile device on the market (OS not considered).

What are your thoughts? Will you be switching for one of the new S10? Perhaps wait for the incredibly pricey (and unnecessary) Fold? For other Apple Fanboys/Fangirls, is the S10 series enough to make you switch?

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