What is coming up with the Google controller!

The featured of this article image is a concept art/visualization from designer Sarang Sheth.

On January 31st, Google applied for a patent on a gaming controller with the United States Patent and Trademark Office that featured the following two controller concept designs:


This is the image actually presented in the patent. But fear not, this is most likely not the final product! They hinted about a controller that will include a screen. Maybe something that looks more like the Nintendo Switch controller?! If we refer to the patent, it will be a small screen that could be used to present notifications to the gamer and play some mini-games. We will let you dream about what those mini-games could be!

About the speculated controller

As stated in the patent, the gaming controller will be used to connect to the upcoming, anticipated, and still mysterious Google gaming platform. You will then be able to play on a smart TV, tablet, smartphone or even a television that will be connected to some hardware. Some hardware? Isn’t that mysterious?

Actually not too mysterious because there is a Google project named Metallurgy that would reportedly be a few gaming consoles that could range to only be able to play games from a game streaming platform or seemingly be able to download and play games locally. Rumors indicate that Google will even have an exclusive partnership with Ubisoft games and Sega!

Functionalities of the controller include a microphone, home button, some sort of LED action on the controller and speakers! This looks promising, despite being fairly common among controllers nowadays.

However, there are still a lot of unanswered questions at this stage such as:

Will it be able to easily connect with the Netflix like gaming platform known as Project Stream?

On the controller with a screen, will it be able to play real computer games on the controller itself instead of needing to have a phone or a tablet and a dock coming with another controller like Microsoft presented this week?

Note: This particular project is called XCloud and is most likely going to be competing for the same share of the market as Google’s controller project. For more details about the XCloud project, see the end of the article.

Let’s speculate for a bit

Not home? Don’t want to bring your huge computer? Not a problem anymore! Imagine that you could connect your controller to your Google Chromecast. You would just need a good WiFi connection and you would be all set!

Picture this! No television? Your cellphone battery only lasts a couple of hours before it dies? No problem! Play on the controller directly! As most of the rendering would be on the streaming platform itself it wouldn’t need to have an awesome GPU on the controller. Battery life will be extended as well because rendering is more demanding than streaming and showing the resulting image on a screen. We may be dreaming for now because the screen on the controller will most likely be small, but there are endless possibilities.

With the microphone, you could launch your favorite game from your couch. Just get your controller and play! I hope that you’re as excited as we are!

Parting Words

Will it received mixed feeling as the Steam Controller received when it was announced and released? Only time will tell but we will make sure to informed you as we get new exciting information about it!

Stay tuned on March 19 (Next Tuesday!) because it will be the Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2019. Google has mysterious about it, but they will certainly have some exciting news about some new projects that they’ve been working on!

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Want to know more about the XCloud project? Here is the interview :

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