Angry Birds AR flying in your App Store later this Spring!

Credits for the featured image and gameplay footage: TechCrunch

What was probably one of the most popular games for mobile a couple years ago is now refreshing itself to the latest trend: Augmented Reality. Yes, in the near future, users will be able to use their virtual slingshot in a first player mode to throw various types of birds at structures in order to take down these filthy pigs! All of this, in the real world!

The game will first be available to iOS users later this Spring. There is no word yet on an Android release, but we’re not too worried about this. In the field of Augmented Reality, it often is the case that game developers will focus on a single platform before releasing the game to all platforms. Stay tuned for more details.

About Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs

The title was released about a month ago on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and is now making its way to iOS. The game was developed by Resolution Games from Sweden.

If you’re wondering about the interest for this game to be pushed into the AR realm, just keep in mind that they did produce a movie about this universe, a sequel is on the way, so… Nothing is impossible!


As one would expect, the game is fully immersive. Users will be able to pivot around the structures to find the weakest or most compromised point to slingshot your birds, which will be interactive with the users. Compared to the versions of the game we are all accustomed to, Isle of Pigs will require more thinking as the weakest point in the structures might require more searching, or should we say crouching. This won’t be the 2D game you are all used to. You will have 360 degrees worth of angle options to slingshot at, so best take your time to find the best spot!

According to early reviews, characters in the game interact in a very compelling way, and so does the environment. Pigs’ snorts will be louder the closer you are to them, some levels will have weather elements interact with your gameplay, etc.

Parting Words

Our take on Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs is that it will be quite entertaining at first, but exhausting fairly rapidly for most people. Angry Birds’ original game was fun because users could play wherever they were (without leaving the comfort of their couch). How long will it take users to grow tired of having to move around the dinner table before they decide to go back to the original 2D version of the game? Time will tell.

Augmented Reality has never really been available to the masses until recently, and Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs will certainly help the trend of AR become a part of what the masses are used to. At the time being, what most people are used to is playing from the comfort of their couch. The gaming reality is shifting, and it needs games like this, games that will appeal to the masses without requiring them to leave their home (more details on Geolocation combined with Augmented Reality here), to make its way into the home and routine of all of us.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited about Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs being an Augmented Reality version of the game we most likely all played and enjoyed? Let us know in the comments!

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