Stadia : Redefining gaming the Google way

Google had a conference planned on March 19 at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). It was an open secret that the company would announce an online gaming platform.

The name of the product was revealed today: Stadia!

Because Google doesn’t do things by halves, they will launch it with a lot of side products as the gaming controller discovered last week for a patent filed at the end of January. You can find the link to the article we wrote last week at the end of this article.

What is so exciting about it?

Stadia is meant to be used from a chrome browser. This means that you will be able to play from any platform that supports chrome browser (PC, laptop, phone, tablet and even on the TV!

You don’t need to have a bleeding edge computer anymore to play games with awesome graphics!

How will it work?

It will deliver a 4K resolution alongside 60 FPS with surround sound and HDR which is now the standard when you want a great gaming experience. To be able to run the game smoothly, you will need to have an internet connection with at least 30 megabits per seconds. But worry not, resolution will be adjusted to your internet speed so you will still be able to play if you’re not meeting the requirements.

They are currently working on an 8K 120FPS solution that would bring the gaming experience to a whole new level!

All this without the need to buy additional hardware just to play!

But will it be better than an actual gaming console?

As an example, they showed a comparison with PS4 Pro and Xbox one X which respectively deliver 4.2 GPU teraflops and 6.0 GPU teraflops. Stadia will be able to deliver 10.7 GPU teraflops which is more than the two combined!

What does it mean?  Flops stand for floating operation points per seconds. With this, you can measure the maximum potential of the graphics card.

Ultimately, it doesn’t take every performance aspects. This metric doesn’t take into account a console’s video memory, which can act as a GPU bottleneck. It also doesn’t take into account CPU, system RAM, storage speed, thermals, and power limits, all of which can bottleneck performance.

What did the conference reveal about the controller?

Last week we know a little about it. Now we have a better idea of the functionalities that will come with it.


The controller will be WiFi connected so you will be able to use it with your Chromecast to replace your actual gaming console!

There are also two buttons specifically design for the controller. The first one lets you stream your gameplay directly on YouTube!

The second one will allow you to use Google Assistant during your game time. So you will be able to ask for help to on a game level and the YouTube video will be showed over your game. The microphone will help you to use the button.
There was obviously no price tag on the controller for now but we will be sure to keep you informed as soon as we know more!

But wait, there is more!

Like if it was not enough, they announced some other awesome features that will be available on launch day.

The first one is some kind of sharing that is called “State Sharing”. With this, you will be able to share an image or video of a moment of your gameplay but it goes beyond this. You will be able to share some stats of your game (Decided by the game developers).

But the most exciting functionality about it is that you will also be able to jump right in the same moment of the game of a player who shared a state of there game and experience!

This feature leads to another interesting one: Crowd Play. It will help streamers to be viewed as if the people watching were actually playing the game! If the person allows it, you could actually jump right in the same game and play with the person streaming! Linked with State share, viewers would be able to get challenges or replay a part of your favourite streamer!

And, last but not least, you will be able to create a world with a simple image! This technique is called Style Transfer Machine Learning. It recreates the texture and colour palettes from the photo that you’re feeding to the machine learning.

It will help developers to create worlds more easily and cut development time. And as a developer, I’m quite excited about it!

You’re a developer and want to know more?

Go on the Stadia developer website to get the latest news and we hope for sure to test your game in the future!

Parting words

There are still some questions unanswered as the price tag. We know that a PS now subscription is 15$ a month and an Xbox live is 12$ a month. We guess it should be around 25$ a month because you’re not only renting games, you’re renting the hardware as well.

We sure hope that the latency will be minimum but we’re not too concerned, Google usually delivers and we’re positive that they will deliver this time too!

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