Apple introduces a new wave of services: TV+, News+, Arcade, and Pay/Card

Today, Apple swooped in and announced their newest batch of services, which includes their own very much anticipated online streaming platform: Apple TV+.

While rumors were going around for months now about this new streaming service from Apple, what came as a surprise (at least to us) is how said service will be made available to users. Most of us had high hopes that Apple Video would rely on Apple Music’s model (i.e. making the entire iTunes video library available for streaming), and surprisingly enough, the apple fell quite far off from the tree (pun intended).

Let’s go over the various new services Apple announced on March 25th, 2019. Since there are a lot of them, we’ll simply be presenting the features of these services in this article, and provide an actual review of said services separately throughout the week.

Oh, and comparing with the Keynote from Google last week, we strongly believe that it’s safe to say that Apple is years ahead in terms of quality of presentation.

Apple News+

In 2019, given the abundance of literature available to readers, very few people seem to be using big title magazines for leisure reading. Despite this fact, Apple stroke hard and introduced Apple News+.

  • Available through Apple News;
  • Monthly subscription required ($9.99 USD per month, first month on the house);
  • Includes over 300 magazines (value of over $8,000 USD annually);
  • Includes posts from online blogs such as TechCrunch and Vulture (perhaps one day JIBS?);
  • Articles have been edited by Apple’s editors to showcase appealing live covers, infographics, etc.;
  • Available right now in the USA and Canada (in both English and French);
  • Australia and Europe to soon follow;
  • Apple News+ will NOT allow tracking by advertisers. Using on-device engines, Apple News+ will recommend you with articles that might be interesting to you. Nothing will be shared;
  • Aimed at bringing “The best mobile magazine experience ever!” (Wyatt Mitchell, Apple Designer).

New issues

Apple Pay

Apple Card

While this was expected, it came as a surprise nonetheless; Apple introduced their own credit card: Apple Card (shocking name, right?). With over 10 billion transactions in 2018, available in more than 40 countries by the end of 2019, Apple Pay was deserving of a new feature, hence Apple Card.

Do you already use your credit card on your iPhone? Well, be prepared to be amaze. Apple Card allows you to do… just the same (with various new budget features)!

  • No annual fees (or any fees whatsoever, although there are some footnotes);
  • Transforms unrecognizable receipts into clear ones with names and locations (through Maps), so you can identify your expenses easily;
  • Customer support available through messages (text messages);
  • Tracks your expenses more clearly with color coded categories;
  • Reward system is called Daily Cash;
    • Actual cash available in your Apple Wallet that you can use for anything (pay your card balance, purchase a movie, etc.);
    • 3% cash return for any purchases made with Apple Pay for Apple related items;
    • 2% cash return for any purchases made with Apple Pay;
    • 1% cash return for any purchases made with the stylish physical Apple Card (for places where Apple Pay is not yet accepted) with no number, signature, CVV, expiration date or anything engraved on it.
  • Available in the USA in the Summer of 2019;
  • Bank provider: Goldman Sachs/MasterCard
  • None of your data will be shared with anyone other than yourself.

Daily Cash

Apple also repeatedly claimed that they will have among the lowest interest rate, but has provided no data on the matter yet. However, their website indicates the following:

Variable APRs range from 13.24% to 24.24% based on creditworthiness.
Rates as of March 2019.

Apple Arcade

Following Google’s recent announcement of Stadia (more details here), Apple introduced Apple Arcade, their own cross-platform online gaming streaming service.

  • Play from any Apple device;
  • Start on your iPhone, pick up on the Apple TV, etc.;
  • Over 100 games available at launch (with titles from Disney, Lego, Konami, etc.);
  • Playable offline or online;
  • Available starting in the fall of 2019 in 150 regions;
  • “All you can eat” formula;
  • Monthly subscription required (no details on pricing).


Apple TV+

The anticipated announcement of the Keynote was undoubtedly Apple TV+, Apple’s streaming platform. While we had hopes for something larger, Apple’s new addition will focus exclusively on original content.

Reese and Jessica

In addition to an overhaul of the Apple TV app which will basically be an à la carte menu of TV channels, Apple certainly impressed the masses with its new Apple TV+. Exploiting an array of celebrities (ranging from Steven Spielberg, to Jennifer Anniston, to Jason Momoa, or even Oprah), Apple’s latest and “biggest” addition will focus on original contents or as they repeated senselessly: “on bringing stories”.

  • SpielbergReportedly $2 billion worth of investment in original content at launch;
  • Monthly subscription required (no details on pricing);
  • Ad-free;
  • Available in the fall of 2019;
  • “The Morning Show” – Starring Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Anniston, and Steve Carell;
  • “See” – Starring Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodward;
  • “Little Voice” – By J. J. Abrams;
  • Two shows by Oprah;
  • And more!

Parting Words

We have a lot to say on these recent announcements from Apple. Stay tuned for our actual take on these new services, later this week. You’ll be surprised how an Apple fanboy can react when facing such disappointing announcements.

What are your thoughts on this big wave of new services? Are there any in particular that you want to get a slice of? Or any that you would want to destroy in the fire of Mount Doom? Let us know down below!

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