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In this article, we’ll post various Guides and Strategies brought forward by the community of Blades so that as many people as possible can benefit from them! If you would like to submit something, make sure to comment it down below or to contact us at This post will be updated regularly!

Optimal use of funds in The Elder Scrolls: Blades
Free to play Guide – Beginners’ Guide
20$ Budget Guide
Combat Tips and Tricks – Beginners’ Guide to Combat Mechanics
Equipment Repair Analysis
2-hander Weapons Combat Guide
The Five Stone Quests – Guide

Optimal use of funds in The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Submitted by Redditor Reddentary_Lifestyle

For those of you who made a “financial investment” into Blades, allow me to suggest a means of maximizing the benefit you get from your hard-earned cash:

  1. You receive an offer of gold, wood, limestone, and copper every time your base levels up.  This is currently the best deal in the game for progression and should be taken each time it is offered.
  2. Your smithy level and your character level determine the quality of items in chests that you open. Thus, hold onto silver chests up until your smithy reaches your desired item quality. Then open your silver chests to receive materials of higher quality than if you hadn’t waited.
  3. It’s okay to build a 2nd smithy. The gold cost is much lower than that of your 7th, 8th, etc house/homestead/dwelling and still gives a ton of prestige. Plus it will be helpful to have an alternate place to repair when your main smithy is out of order.
  4. DO NOT upgrade houses beyond level 1, or upgrade to stone / castle, as each of these upgrades provide NEARLY ZERO prestige progression.
  5. Make multiple houses at once if you have plenty of copper so you can stack building timers. I’ll note that it’s a waste to spend gems on building timers. Really only worth it for silver chests because f*** silver chest overloads.

As of right now, my town hall is level 7. My smithy is lvl 7, enchanter lvl 3, alchemist lvl 2, workshop lvl 2, and my dozen or so houses are all lvl 1.

I hope everyone finds this useful.

Free to Play Beginners’ Guide

Submitted by Redditor Capt_Nuggetz

So I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about hitting the “paywall” and not being able to progress, along with chest solutions and the issues they have. I’m not claiming to be a professional at this game nor am I claiming to have the best way of playing free-to-play, but so far I haven’t encountered any issues with not being to advance, except for copper which can be a pain to get. With that said, I’d like to offer a preliminary guide to how to make the most of the game and advance without spending money. These are just methods that have worked for me and I’ll try my best to update this guide as I go on.

  1. Skills
    • The main skills that would benefit any new player in my opinion are the Absorb spell and the Adrenaline dodge skill. Utilizing these two will limit the amount of potions you need and can help outlast stronger enemies by recovering health in combat. It will also help save money on potions.
    • Try to have two elemental spells not covered by your equipment. I got lucky early game and picked up an electric weapon, so I equipped a fire spell and an ice spell to deal with a wider range of types. Having spells will also help save on weapon durability, so you can use your gold on tempering and construction.
    • Try to level the Advance tempering perk whenever you can. Enemies eventually get stronger and have better equipment, and instead of buying packs, with two levels in advance tempering you can relatively easily get purple rarity equipment by upgrading your weapons. Of course they won’t have the bonus perks Artifacts have or higher level equipment have but they’ll have the DPS of higher ranked weapons. In my personal experience, tempering an iron war-hammer at the smith to “Flawless” level kept things relatively easy until I began opening silver weapons in chests, skipping over steel weapons entirely. The only downside is that you need to constantly be leveling up your smith for each tier of weapons you advance.
  2. Chest Management
    • Buy the bonus 10 chest slots for 10 gems. This becomes increasingly helpful as you need to grind out copper to upgrade your buildings. Timber and Limestone come easy enough from jobs, however you need to open an obscene amount of wooden and silver chests to get the copper needed to advance your town. I built the workshop in hopes of finding copper in the store but as of yet it hasn’t appeared.
    • There is no energy system in this game and jobs refresh as you complete or quit them. Wooden chests, while having pretty bad loot overall, can be grinded to farm for the building resources required to level up your smith and town overall. What has worked for me so far is to try and keep one gold and a couple silver chests in your inventory, with one higher tier chest opening at all times. While a silver chest is opening, enter into jobs and grab one or two of the wooden chests lying around without completing the quest. Quit the job and start a new one, the wooden chests stay in your inventory. I managed to save up enough gems to buy the second chest inventory expansion and now open 1 high tier-chest and 25+ wooden chests in one go. Copper has a chance to drop from wooden chests so it’s definitely worth, you cant open more than one chest at a time so might as well make the most of the three hour wait period and farm more wooden chests. After opening all the wooden chests start opening a silver or gold chest and use the wait time to build up your stockpile of wooden chests again.
    • After your chest inventory is full and you still want to build up your resources, focus on the jobs that reward gold and limestone (at least at my level that what I’m doing, I don’t know if jobs offer copper in the future, if they do then go for the best resources).
    • DON’T BUY CHESTS IN STORE! I mean this is a F2P guide, but while chests can give you great equipment, they are mostly in line with your current level. If you open a legendary chest at level 5 you’ll probably at best get a legendary steel weapon, which quickly becomes irrelevant as you level up. If you really want to buy chests, I’d suggest waiting until you get your smith to a level or get your equipment to a level where you start to utilize higher tier weapons.
  3. Town Management
    • UPGRADE YOUR BLACKSMITH! Pretty self explanatory, the higher level the blacksmith the better equipment you can upgrade. It’s pretty cheap to do, so when you can, this should take priority. Make sure to build houses or other buildings as well to increase your town level. I haven’t found out if upgrading your blacksmith raises costs to build other buildings so if someone has data on this let me know.
    • The resource difference between stone and wooden buildings seems inconsequential. At first I only built the wooden buildings because they were cheaper. I’ve since begun getting resources pretty quickly so I can afford stone buildings but the town experience increase isn’t as high as just building a new wooden building. Save your limestone.

I’ve been playing this game for just a few days so I know this isn’t like the usual or complete guides but these are tips from my experience playing. I’ll try my best to update this if I find out anything new. If there are better methods, any additions, or things wrong that you notice feel free to point them out. I hope it helps some of you enjoy the game more.

20$ Budget Guide

Submitted by Redditor sporkyuncle

Sometimes I’m adamant about staying a free player for things like this, but I’d like to see this game improve and succeed so I decided to toss them a few bucks.

I spent the gems carefully and made a lot of progress in the game really quickly, and wanted to share what I did with others. This 3 step guide should be mostly accurate, as far as I can remember.

Step 1
Get your town to level 3 as a free player. This is not too difficult, and it’s good to learn how to play the game, spend some time getting new equipment and opening chests. At this point you will most likely have a smithy, alchemist laboratory, and 2 houses, maybe one or two more buildings. Take whatever small and medium decorations you have and place and remove them again from every spot in town for free town XP.

Step 2
Spend $20 on the pack of 2500 gems. Buy the imperial shipment offer for town level 3 which comes with enough building materials to build the workshop.

Step 3
Repeat. Build the workshop and a second smithy, which should take you to town level 4. Buy the next imperial shipment offered at that time, build an enchanter’s tower and a couple more houses. Buy the shipment offered at town level 5, and build a second alchemist’s laboratory.

Final Words
All this should take you to town level 6, where you can afford one final shipment, and you’re well established with at least one of every building, two smithies so you can repair while the other one is upgrading or tempering, and lots of resources to keep upgrading the smithy or enchanter’s tower.

I’m not 100% sure but I believe the gem costs for the shipments mentioned here are 400, 500, 650 and 850, which is 2400 out of the 2500 gems you bought.

Along with those shipments you will also get a nice large tree, 2x red/blue/white/black small banners, a medium imperial stall, and a large white gazebo tent.

Combat Tips and Tricks – Beginners’ Guide to Combat

Submitted by Redditor Capt_Nuggetz

So I’ve been seeing a lot questions with regards to the combat and combos and such, so I thought I would make a concrete list of tips and tricks to streamline combat and help people kill stuff faster or survive in the abyss longer. This is mostly a PvE guide and no doubt strategies will change for the PvP aspect once it comes out. Hope some of these tricks help people out

  1. Basic combat
    • Attacking: Attacking is as simple as holding down on one side of the screen, waiting for the ring to turn gold and then letting go. If you time the attack and let go as soon as the ring fully expands and shines, you’ll unleash a critical attack, dealing around double damage.
    • Combos: Alternate tapping on the left and right side of the screen to add a combo multiplier to your attacks. Depending on how full the ring is, I’ve experienced the damage to increase from between 25-30% from the base damage, however enchantment and element typing plays into this. You can also hold down and swipe from left to right, crossing the middle of the screen as the ring fills to attack.
    • Blocking: Tapping the shield to block and attack right as the enemy swings/jumps/animates? will stun the enemy for a short period. This can be particularly useful against enemies like bandits or mercenaries that chain a few attacks in a row. This also allows you time to cast spells that have a longer charge up time. Additionally, timing the block right reduces the durability usage of the shield (Personal testing I found that against a troll 3 perfectly blocked attacks took off 1 durability whereas three poorly timed blocks took off 1 durability each.
  2. Skills
    • Spells: These tend to have a charge up time and can usually be interrupted unless you unlock Magicka Surge. The main takeaway is that these usually are cast defensively, even skills like absorb should be cast when anticipating a hit. Skills such as fireball and delayed lightning usually are recommended after an enemy is recovering from an attack or after a parry. Few skills such as blizzard armor and echo blade can be cast preemptively to negate damage or enhance DPS.
    • Abilities: These are your more offensive skills, once that can usually be thrown out such a shield bash or power attack. Skills often have bonuses depending on timing however, such as Adrenaline dodge, allowing you to negate damage and heal, healing more the closer you are to an enemy’s attack. In combat while chaining a combo, you can hold down on an ability and let go to activate it instantly. This trick is particularly useful against enemies with shields who can shield bash, an attack with fairly low frames. Additionally, against enemies such as trolls where you’re focused on dealing as much damage as possible, it can be difficult to react quickly, so holding down on a dodge ability can increase your reaction speed.
  3. Type Advantages
    • Learn the type advantage tree by heart, it helps, trust me. But in most cases, a frost weapon and a fire weapon will deal with most threats.
    • Like in other Elder Scrolls games, you can pause in a fight and change equipment. Should you be doing on an abyss run and bring a fire weapon, but suddenly run into skeletons (poor example I’m sorry), you can switch mid-fight to another weapon.
  4. Leveling
    • Jobs and chests scale to your level, but you only really level up when you allocate the skill points. If you’re early enough in the game you can not allocate skills and temper an Iron weapon, and grind your levels without applying the stats. You’ll earn better rewards as your progress through the abyss and skip over certain tiers of weapons.

This guide is a bit self explanatory, and I know many of you won’t need this info, but for the new players i’m sure it will be helpful. And also a bit of self promotion, I have a discord mostly to build a community, answer questions, post guides for the newer players and hopefully organize a clan and such for when the feature comes out. I’ll link it here and you can join if you wish. Hope this helps answer some questions, and as usual, if you see anything that needs fixing or adding let me know and I’ll make sure to do so. Hope you have fun with the game

Equipment/Weapon Repair Analysis

Submitted by Redditor sporkyuncle

In short, what sporkyuncle discovered is that:

  • Repairs are cheaper the more broken the piece of equipment is;
  • Repairs’ costs increase as the Tier of the piece of equipment increases;
  • Weapons’ durability decreases only when using the weapon to attack. Not swinging a weapon to kill an enemy will not degrade your weapon’s durability;
  • Smashing urns, tree stomps, or skeletons on the ground will not degrade your weapon’s durability

2-hander Weapons Combat Guide

Submitted by Redditor binthewin

General Combat Doctrine

With a two-hander weapon your goal is basically to kill things as fast as possible since you are at an armor disadvantage without your shield. However as you get into the higher levels, things don’t die as quickly as you would like them to. Health pickups become scarcer, and long battles of attrition are not supportable. With that in mind here are some basic bread and butter tactics which I find help me a lot.

  • Begin the battle with a block against normal and oversized enemies. Most enemies will begin combat with an attack and blocking that initial attack will dizzy your opponent and let you get two free hits or cast a spell right off the bat.
  • Always aim for critical hits. Critical hits are what two handing is all about since you get a damage bonus with them. The circle is a little bit misleading, but I find that you have to match the inner part of the golden ring with the white attack circle to score a critical.
  • Don’t try for 4 hit combos. Two-handed weapons are slower than small weapons like knives and handaxes. Swinging wildly will always hurt you more in the long term because if the enemy blocks, you will be dizzied and it’s all downhill from there. I generally take 2-3 swings and quickly evaluate the situation. If they’re passive, I hit them with the power attack. Otherwise I’m looking to dodge and continue my onslaught.
  • Use that power attack. It’s a free critical that can’t be blocked. Yes, it takes a lot of stamina, but think of it as an execution attack rather than risk getting blocked and dizzied when your opponent is low health. This is especially important when fighting regenerating enemies.
  • Get points in Barbarian whenever you can.


If you’re going to two hand, you should get used to the idea that using a spell or two is inescapable. Don’t go crazy dumping stats in magic. You’ll only have a chance to cast one spell each fight, but it’s usually enough to get things done.

The fire spell is a must to deal with spriggens and trolls. Throwing it out at the start can let you focus more on dodging and trying to break through the enemy’s defence. Poison attack against mercenaries is pretty good too, I often use it in the abyss against higher level enemies. The life spell is ok, but it’s mostly meant to mitigate damage from blocking.

Small Annoying Creatures

For small creatures that stand outside your range, spells dispose of them quickly. Why would you need a spell when you can just smash? Everyone is fallible, and if you miss your initial swing, you could take a lot of unnecessary and repetitive damage. Otherwise hold down the attack button, and ready to swing like a baseball bat when they lunge at you.

Weapon Choice

It can be expensive maintaining three different types of weapons but the damage is often worth it if you pay attention to the enemy types and switch weapons appropriately. Remember, it’s all about the CRITICAL HITS. Every little bit helps.

So far I’m having fun with my play style. Level 14 and I can reliably take down trolls my level without having to use a potion during the fight.

The Five Stones’ Quest – Guide

Submitted by Redditor oson001

Several people are having trouble getting this quest done, especially killing the Dragon. Luckily, there are a few tricks to help you:

  • Undead Dragons are weak to Bashing and Fire, so carry a Fire Mace or Warhammer as your main weapon.
  • You will need a secondary weapon to reduce the damage output of the Dragon. carrying a Mace or Warhammer enchanted with draining (damage to Magicka) will help you a lot.
  • The Dragon shock attacks are very dangerous and armor rating can’t stop damage from spells, so you will need to enchant an armor set with Shock Resistance (helmet, boots and armor).
  • Use a full set of armor with the matching set perk, if your armor rating is higher than 450 you should be able to kill it without problem. If not, I recommend you to make a full set of Dwarven Mail armor as this set comes with a perk to resist slashing damage.
  • You will take a lot of damage so carry at least 15 potions of light health or middle health. Also carry at least 2 shock and 2 poison resist potions, you will need them. In case you don’t have healing potions you will need at least 3 scrolls of revival or a lot of stamina and magic potions to heal yourself with abilities and magic.
  • Poisons are very useful, I recommend you to get several Aversion to fire and Recovery poisons.

The strategy is simple. Before the battle begins, equip your set of armor and your draining weapon, get yourself a dose of resist shock potion and your weapon with a Recovery poison so you can deplete the magic of the dragon quickly before taking too much damage.

When it’s drained, it will no longer shock you, and its attacks are very weak, so I recommend to tap your health bar to access the equipment menu, change to your Fire Mace and poison it with Aversion to Fire.

After several hits the dragon will start to recover Magicka so change again your weapon for the Draining Mace and attack him again.

Also when it gets about 1/3 of its health, it will attack you with a poison breathing attack despite being drained, so be sure to take your resist poison potions.

If you are correctly timing your weapons changes, potions and attacks the Dragon will die in less than a minute, I killed it at level 26 and with Dwarven gear without tempering, so you should be fine if you can craft Quicksilver or Chaurus equipment.

The rest of the quest is easier, you just need to use the Fire Mace to get rid of the Trolls, Wispmothers and Skeletons. Using a Fire Battle Axe will quickly kill the Springgans. Using a second set of armor with all four health enchantments could easily get you through the quest.

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