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In this article, we’ll post various Skills Builds brought forward by the community of Blades so that as many people as possible can benefit from them! If you would like to submit something, make sure to comment it down below or to contact us at This post will be updated regularly!

Skills Build for Sustain/Survivability with Moderate DPS
Hybrid Skills Build – SpellBlade Build

Sustain/Survivability with Moderate DPS – Submitted by Redditor QMO


  • Absorb 3 (Make sure you have 260 Mana- 255 to cast)


  • Armsman 3 (Longsword user – I enchant with attack speed for fast combo follow-ups)
  • Elemental Protection 3
  • Augmented Flames 3 (I enchant my shield with fire so it does damage when I block, this skill DOES increase its damage.)
  • Load Bearer 4
  • Matching Set 1 (Use a matching set even if you have a couple of pieces of gear that are better, overall a very strong perk to have.)
  • Barbarian 1 (Just to unlock advanced tempering)
  • Advanced Temper 2


  • Adrenaline Dodge 2
  • Shield Bash 3 (I don’t bother with the upgraded shield bashes as the first one does more damage until the third unlock Harrying bash, and with 3 points in it it costs the same amount of stamina to cast as the next unlock, but does way more damage- with the stamina so much cheaper I have more times I can dodge)

In combat, I usually start with a stagger block, and then follow up with two strikes Longsword combos that I enchanted with attack speed. Then I hit Absorb and Shield Bash at the same time, combo again, dodge the next attack, combo again, Shield Stagger- repeat until dead.

Additional tip: The Health Enchantment on Vambraces provides lifesteal, which synchronizes greatly with the attack speed of the Longsword.

Any questions please ask. Super potent build and has gotten me this far. I also temper my full set of armor as best I can.

SpellBlade Skills Build – Submitted by Waloop317

This build is more engaging and fun in terms of combat and focuses on Stamina. It is a long one, but EXTREMELY detailed.

Current player level: 30
Magic: 300
Stamina: 390

  • 290 Magic is required for Blizzard Armor
  • 425 Magic is required for Magicka Surge/Echo Weapon

– Absorb
– Blizzard Armor
– Paralyze / Thunderstorm / Ice Spike / Fireball

– Recovery Strikes
– Adrenaline Dodge
– Staggering Bash

Switch magic spells to whichever element the enemy you are fighting is weak against. You can get to this quickly by tapping your Blue Mana Bar. Using this technique along with having the best spell available of each elemental type is how to make magic both possible and optimal.

You should be changing between a variety of different weapon types (bashing, cleaving, slashing) / elements (poison, fire, lightning, ice) combos to use against enemies based on what Elemental Type they are weak against + resist (Suggestion: have a screenshot of the list of Weaknesses and Resistances you can quickly swap to while in menu for quick refresher of what you need to put on until you have memorized).

You can change equipment/Spells during combat. Hit any of the following to pause combat and make changes (must not be mid swing/block):

  • Menu button on top right for equipment
  • Blue bar for spell
  • Red bar for potion
  • Green bar for abilities

Standard Combo

  1. BLOCK their first swing causing Stagger;
  2. SPELL: use offensive spells that enemies are weak to (mostly) -prioritize CC spell if possible;
  3. ATTACK: anywhere from 3-7 combos by alternating left/right – can get more swings in if you get a CC off – focus on getting critical hits (circles match on tap release);
  4. BASH/BLOCK/DODGE/DOUBLE STRIKE: Adrenaline dodge if you really need heal / top off. If healthy Block or bash. Keep Stamina full when possible (healing surge OP). Double Strike(DS) when you can burst enemies instantly;
  5. ATTACK / SPELL / BASH / DOUBLE STRIKE: Whatever fits or is available;
  6. REPEAT: It is unlikely that enemies won’t be dead at this point.

Spell Notes:
Order Priority
CC Spells, they are not resistant too > Offensive Spell of Elemental type enemy is weak to > Offensive Spell of type enemy is not resistant to.

Use during any window throughout combos. Minimizes armor repair costs (Blizzard Armor takes damage first). Can be used while combo attacking. Use after first block = take 0 actual dmg during fight most of time.

Activate during block OR bash. Use mana on Blizzard Armor first if healthy.

3 second stun + stops regeneration. Can use on first block if enemy delays 1st attack. Usually try on 2nd block. Dominates trolls!

Instant cast OP. Great against any enemy not lightning resistant. Free DPS and can be thrown into combos at any time.

Decent CC. Only use against enemies weak to cold.

Can rapid fire cast on CD once magic is high enough. Primarily used for Leaping Mobs and WISPS Only useful fire spell.

Think of the magic spells as free additional DPS, Utility, and Defense.
Yes, your combo swings with weapon will still end up being by far your primary Damage. Magic is great for adding levels of protection through Blizz armor AND the huge benefit of CC. You also get more Burst Damage to take out certain mobs instantly. Also adds fun.

Perks (top tier chosen)
Matching Set
Advanced Temper
Healing Surge

**ONLY use Stamina when you can burst mob dead with a double strike, need a stun (staggering bash), or when you need to use adrenaline dodge.**


  • judgment call… Instant Heal/Dodge vs Regen
  • usually just block and keep Stamina high
  • power attack incoming from tough enemy = Adrenaline Dodge
  • use Adrenaline Dodge when topping off health (end of fight)
  • Adrenaline Dodge + ABSORB spamming to infinite heal off weak enemy (block during CD, keep enemy alive until full)
  • Adrenaline Dodge mid Combo then keep attacking to continue, useful to keep momentum and finish enemy in one long combo


  • use highest armor avail with MATCHING SET
  • only temper GG items, usually waste of currency
  • have combination of weapon and elemental types
  • enchant to fill holes in elemental weapons
  • use health enchant on every piece of armor
  • Keep 1 backup in each armor slot

I love poison which is perfect for a dagger, but either way… daggers/light hammer/fast axe (light weapon class) are easily the best Weapon Class overall. Damage enchantments are by far the most effective on light weapons due to their fastest attack speed (highest DPS increase). Plus combos are KING in this game. So it’s easy to bust out a 7+ attack combo in no time. When you get the timing down (combo speed and critical hit consistency) the DPS output is leaps and bounds higher then any other option I’ve seen.

Chaining a combo of 5+ crits in a row will blow up even the beefier targets quickly (Stuns help). It is also incredibly satisfying to pull off!

At the moment, I’m rocking this self made beauty as my go to: Elven Dagger
+25 poison Damage
+19 physical damage converted to Poison
Reduces Targets maximum Stamina by 15

1-hander + Shield is almost always in my hands. However there are currently TWO enemy types that I think a 2-hander weapon works very well:
Nether Liches

Both of these mob types are weak to fire so I made a Fire enchanted two handed sword specifically to fight them. Especially Nether Lich fights can turn into straight slugfests… hitting a few Critical Hits with a beefy 2-hander can chunk them down pretty fast. Fireballs do nice work on these guys along with Wisps (especially when 2-3 wisps fight you at once, 2-3 fireballs come out at once to hit all of them).


Opportunity cost of getting magic skills is TINY! Later levels give buckets of skill points so getting 1 point in each spell/different type of element is by far the way to go. The only tough choice is whether it’s worth putting 430 into magic for surge/echo … more stamina is likely better at that point. The 290 requirement for Blizz Armor is WELL worth it.

PS: I am a Khajiit – originally planning on focusing on poison before realizing the necessity of variety.

That being said Breton is most likely the best class at the moment, especially for late game progression. The healing benefits of Imperial / Arg races in tandem with HEALING SURGE is up in the air as far benefit. The percentages and numbers (5% of 9hp/sec) seem way too low to be worth it as far as I can tell, who knows how the multiplier works though.

Every enemy has a spell and weapon type that dominates it. While switching this constantly seems like a pain, you usually only have to set up once at the beginning of the quest/job/floor when you see the mob type. Weapon swapping based on mob is basically required so might well swap one spell while your at it. You can stick with weapon/spell for secondary enemy type in dungeons as long as they are non-resistant to your current elemental/weapon type.

Taking advantage of this is what makes this build the most interesting, fun, and ultimately powerful build in the game!!

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