Samsung Galaxy A80: First phone EVER with a rotating triple lens camera

Yes, you read correctly: The Samsung Galaxy A80 will include a rotating triple lens camera packing a main camera with 48MP!

But what on earth does that mean?

This simply means that there is no more front or back camera on your phone. They are the same and they are rotating! But how did they do this black magic? The cameras are essentially on the back of your phone. But when you want to take a selfie, the phone expands up to let the cameras rotate on the other (screen) side.

With a third lens, you’re also able to take 3D photos (A bit like the 3DS but with much better quality!)

Here are the specs of the phone

So you can see that this device is not only packing awesome cameras but it’s coming with great CPU, 8 GB memory, a whopping 128 GB of storage and top-notch Snapdragon 730 GPU.

But why would I buy this phone before another one?

Let’s get back at the core “feature” of this phone. The 48MP main camera will help you shooting one of the most realistic and sharp images regardless of the lighting (Night or day)!

The Galaxy A80’s 3D Depth camera offers Live Focus videos by scanning objects for measurement and depth. Built with an Ultra Wide angle lens with the same viewing angle as the human eye so your favourite views can be shared with less panning.

The Super Steady video mode helps you effortlessly capture content by reducing video shake to ensure smooth, pro-level action videos. And with other intelligent camera features such as Scene Optimizer that can recognize and enhance up to 30 scenes, and Flaw Detection that automatically identifies glitches before you click, you’ll never miss the perfect shot.

But this device can’t be perfect

No, it’s not because technology evolves so fast now but this is a great device! For those gamer out there that don’t want to have headphones, there is no stereo sound which is kind of deception.

The only storage is 128gb and it is not expandable. There is no 3.5mm jack (Which seems to be like a new standard). It doesn’t have wireless charging and it doesn’t come with corning gorilla glass.

What about the price tag and released date

Samsung hasn’t confirmed how much this innovating phone will cost but with all the specs this device is packing, we can expect it to be around 1000$ Canadian dollars.

The phone should be available at the end of May, at least in Asian countries. We can’t wait for it to be available in North America as well!


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