Warriors of Waterdeep: An Early Access Review/Impression

We’ve been huge fans of the impressive work made by Ludia over the past years, especially in relations to Jurassic World: Alive. About a year ago, we had the opportunity to spend a day with the team in their office in Montreal, and it was an extremely rewarding day (in terms of knowledge, of course). For a review of our visit, click here.

Warriors of Waterdeep (WoW) was still under development at the time but had been able to snatch a few peaks at the designs that are now available in the game early release for Canadians.

The game has not set release date, but is announced to be released worldwide in the Spring of 2019!

You can also pre-register right now HERE in order to receive a Laeral Pack on launch day!

About Warriors of Waterdeep

WoW was developed in partnership with Wizards of the Coast, the brains behind Magic the Gathering, Duel Masters, but most especially, Dungeons and Dragons. WoW was developed from the beginning in partnership with brains behind Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), and it is reflected through various aspects of the game.

The game was announced earlier in February, and early access rolled out to Canadians since then. It’s a free-to-play turn-based role-playing game coming this spring that uses card packs and centers on the Waterdeep, the gem of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting’s Sword Coast. Your party of adventurers uses the city as its base as it takes on missions.

The game focuses on a storyline, as would any D&D game, but said storyline feels somewhat irrelevant to the progression or the appeal of the game. With your party of four (made from an anticipated lot of 12 races/classes, although only 7 available at this time), you will engage in a grid-based turn-based role-playing combat where mechanics and spells are incredibly similar to the D&D experience.

Our Take

While the mechanics are incredibly simple (and perhaps even tiring to some), the game compensates with the variety of gears, enemies, spells, and strategies that it brings to enhance the users’ experience.

Luckily for us, we had played a bit of D&D in the past so we knew of a few things, so our experience was not worsened by these aspects:

  • The grind starts very early, and only grows in difficulty;
  • The progression is incredibly slow;
  • The possibilities are endless.

Enjoyable or not?

Like many other mobile games, it has a lot more elements contributing to a joyful experience. The broad range of races and classes along with the various abilities and spells that you can customize for each of them allow for a very fun experience. Furthermore, fans of the fantastic universe will certainly find their fun with WoW as it is FILLED with several dimensions of the fantastic realm!

Of course, players anticipating a fast-paced game will be disappointed, but it has never been the foundation of a D&D game, so it only makes sense for WoW to reflect this pace. The lack of Gold in the game will undoubtedly irritate players hoping to progress rapidly in the game.

Players will rapidly find themselves lacking Gold to level-up their characters, abilities, spells, gears or weapons. Returning to the campaign mode or taking advantage of the various events available will help players gather more gold to some extent. Luckily, as they do so, they will also practice various strategies that will certainly help them as they progress into the game.

About Monetization

Of course, WoW, like any other mobile game, relies on in-game currencies and its store to grow revenues from the game. Not without tickling one’s frustration! Regardless, the entirety of the game remains Free to play, should you prefer this avenue. Nonetheless, players are rapidly harassed by the hints/notifications inviting you to join their VIP club which will increase your loot on every quest for a monthly fee. Players can also purchase one-time items such as gold, gems, etc. that will facilitate their progression. We always prefer the free road, even though it means that we will be behind once multiplayer rolls out.

We have made our peace with this way of growing revenues for a mobile game for a while now, so it does not bother us. Let’s not lie to ourselves, game developers are no in the business of charity.

Parting Words

We have been playing the game for about 5 days at this point; and while we have not been playing for a long period of times, we have found the game to be enjoyable, every second of it. The graphics are good, the story line, although somewhat weak, is entertaining, the endless possibilities of customization, and the simple game mechanics make for a game that any fan of the fantastic will enjoy on a casual basis.

We strongly recommend to try it out and to look at it beyond the grid-based combat aspect, as there is so much more to it.

Have you tried the game? Are you looking forward to trying it out? Would you like a more detailed review of the gameplay? Would you like for us to cover the game regularly as we do for The Elder Scrolls: Blades? Leave your comments down below!

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