Wizards Unite: Tips and FAQs

Here, you will find links to all the various resources Jibs has to offer for Wizards Unite. We are working daily to bring you the best and most accurate information, but in the events that something requires any changes, make sure to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Wizarding Challenges?

Wizarding Challenges consist of Battles or successful completion of a floor in a Fortress.

Where do I see my Code Name?

The only place where you will see your Code Name is under Settings > Help/Legal. It will appear at the very top. Your Code Name is the only username or name that other players will see from you, in order to maintain your actual identity confidential.

How can I save data usage?

Make sure to download assets from the game via WIFI (as it is over 3gb of data) before going out to play. This way, the game won’t download the asset you encounter every time you encounter them while on your mobile data plan. To do so, go to Suitcase > Settings > Download All Assets (at the bottom).

Credits: Many of the content provided was heavily enhanced thanks to zviznemte from harrypotterwizardsunite.it. The community owes him a lot!


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