Wizards Unite: Fortresses and Floo Network – Speculations about a Team Feature

Earlier today, Redditor virodoran posted his own data mine of the game for the world to see. Most of what was highlighted had already been shared and discussed at length on various social media. However, should we consider his/her information to be accurate, there might be an upcoming very interesting feature to come in Wizards Unite that will certainly appeal to the masses of Wizards and Witches!

Before you go any further, please be aware that what follows may contain potential spoilers about upcoming features for the game. It may also be completely inaccurate as it purely relies on the findings of a single individual. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.









Floo Network

For a full description of what the Floo Network is, we recommend checking out Pottermore as they have the best content one can find when relating to the wizarding world.

A quick summary would be that Wizards and Witches have been using the Floo Network for centuries to travel from a place to another. Every Wizard’s and Witch’s home is connected to the Floo Network, including the Ministry of Magic and various Inns and Shops.

The Floo Network allows for Wizards and Witches of all ages to travel from a place to another safely, without worrying about breaking the International Statute of Secrecy or being injured (although using the Floor Network isn’t comfortable per se).

Floo Network in relations to Wizards Unite

According to virodoran’s findings (which reportedly consists of a string of error messages), the Floo Network would be introduced (in the future) in Wizards Unite to create a sense of team feature. Players would seemingly be able to partake in one of the three teams available:

  • Team Harry – #TeamHarry
  • Team Hermione – #TeamHermione
  • Team Ron – #TeamRon


This team feature would take the form of Seasons, wherein a given period of time, Wizards and Witches will be able to throw some Floo Powder at Fortresses to take control of it, and the team with the most Fortresses at the end of said Season wins!

Presumably, this would imply that the winning team would receive some sort of rewards and that the other two teams would potentially receive rewards as well (perhaps smaller than the winning team).

From the little information shared by virodoran (should it actually be accurate), this system would not allow for a PvP experience, but rather a sort of competition of map control.

Should this feature actually turn out to be true, many things would remain to be clarified.

  • How would it work in terms of taking over a Fortress?
  • How long would a Season last?
  • How would Floo Powder be collected?
  • How many Fortresses could a single player take considering there is a maximum amount of Gyms a player can take in Pokémon Go?
  • and many more questions…

Parting Words

Nonetheless, using the Floo Network to introduce a team feature in Wizards Unite seems like an amazing idea to us! Furthermore, the fact that it would rely on Seasons, meaning that it would be temporary and take the form of an Event of some sort also adds to our excitement.

What do you think of all this? Do you think it is feasible and that the Floo Network is a great way of implementing a Team Feature? Let us know in the comments and share your own theories with us!



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