Mario Kart Tour coming to mobiles soon along with Dr. Mario World!

Yes, you read correctly! Mario Kart, probably the most popular racing game ever created in history, is coming your mobile very soon!

Last week, Nintendo opened registrations for a Close Beta Access on Android devices. Interested users (from Japan and the United States) can register here before until May 7th, 2019. One should have their Nintendo account linked to a Gmail account in order to have a valid registration.

The Close Beta Access will be opened starting May 22nd, 2019 and will close June 4, 2019. The game is announced to launch in the Summer of 2019!

Reports also indicate that Presses will have a Media Access to the game as early as May 15, 2019!

History and Speculations

The game was originally announced in January of 2018, so the launch was expected sooner, but we can understand how things can be delayed in the gaming industry.

There has been no details or footage shared about the game, so we currently have no indication of the mechanics of the game. Considering how Nintendo likes to add gestures and movements to their games, it is not impossible that we will see movements (rather than on-screen joysticks) being implemented; i.e. having to rotate the phone to the right and left to take a turn, similar to an actual steering wheel. That being said, we hope for on-screen joysticks.

In terms of costs, considering how Super Mario Run requires a one-time payment to unlock the remaining of the game content (after the first few levels), many are speculating that Mario Kart Tour could follow a similar model. However, a recent announcement of Nintendo regarding Dr. Mario World indicates that this game would be free, but offer in-game purchases. Therefore, some are also speculating that Mario Kart Tour might follow this model; as the one used for Super Mario Run was not exactly popular among fans.

We personally believe that it will follow a similar format to Super Mario Run, since the game will most likely rely on a progression based on levels (similarly to Super Mario Run), and therefore require users to purchase the entirety of the game.

Dr. Mario World

Earlier in 2019 (January), Nintendo also announced that Dr. Mario would join the mobile realm under the title Dr. Mario World.

The game (as in the past) is to be a puzzle type of game. However, the addition (compared to a past version of the game) of the word “World” in the title gives the impression that the game will follow a level/map progression similarly to the main series game of Mario.

The game is reported to be free-to-play while offering in-app purchases (most likely items that will facilitate one’s progression and/or improve some aesthetics).

The game is to be released early in the Summer of 2019, so stay tuned!


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