Minecraft AR: Microsoft teases a new Minecraft mobile game relying on AR

Earlier this week, Microsoft teased what could be a major killer app in the realm of Augmented Reality (AR), a personal favorite game of ours: Minecraft. While Minecraft itself is already available on mobile devices, the teaser from Microsoft clearly hints towards a new version of the popular game that would rely on Augmented Reality.

At the end of a keynote that took place on May 6, 2019, the company teased the audience with a very short video where Minecraft creative director, Saxs Persson, leaves his phone unattended on a bench after mistakenly picking up a stranger’s phone instead. As the stranger picks up the phone, she is able to witness Minecraft running in AR, hiting towards a new version of the game.

In the trailer, one can clearly see the toolbar from Minecraft, which leads to believe that this AR version of the game will contain everything from the original game, and perhaps more!

While Microsoft has been dead silent since the teaser was unveiled to the public, they did indicate that more details would come on May 17th, on the tenth anniversary of the game.

Few games have been able to reproduce the success that Pokémon Go experienced, but considering the size of the Minecraft fan-base, the upcoming AR game has the potential to be a game changer app!

Stay tuned, we’ll make sure to keep you covered once more details have been revealed on May 17th, 2019.

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