This Week, in the Realm of Mobile Gaming… #002

#002 Week coverage: May 4, 2019 to May 10, 2019

A new Pokémon game coming on mobiles in March of 2020

There aren’t any details as to what the game will be, but there are some speculations. The game is being developed by DeNA, in partnership with Nintendo. All the details here.

Minecraft AR teaser!

At the very end of a keynote, Microsoft teased the audience with a brief trailer of what certainly looks like an augmented reality version of the original Minecraft game. All the details here.

Apple Co-Developes its first mobile game in 11 years

It took Apple 11 years to develop a new mobile game, and somehow the team seems to have set the bar quite low. Partnering with the famous Warren Buffet, Apple’s Warren Buffet’s Paper Wizard has you toss papers… for… ages… The game is available for free in most countries (but somehow not Canada).

Pokémon GO – Detective Pikachu tie-in Event

To tie in with the release of the anticipated Detective Pikachu movie, Pokémon GO hosted an in-game event where spawns from the Pokémon showcased in the movie were increased, where Detective Pikachu made a special appearance through the SnapShot feature, and more. All the details here.

Pixel 3a – Budget smartphone for mobile gaming

On May 7, 2019, Google introduced a new device in the Pixel series: Pixel 3a. With the ever ending increase in retail prices of smartphones, Google was dedicated to introducing an affordable device that would reflect the giant’s thirst for technological advancement. However, early reports are fairly disappointing claiming the device’s performance resembles devices from 2016, with a 2019 camera. It may not be recommended for those hoping to snatch a budget-friendly gaming smartphone. Sadly…

Google Play Awards 2019 – Winners

On May 5th, 2019, Google announced the winners of the 2019 Google Play Awards. See below the list of winners. For the list of nominees, click here.

Most Beautiful Game: Shadowgun Legends – MADFINGER Games
Best Breakthrough Game: Slowly – Slowly Communications Ltd.
Most Inventive: Tick Tock – Other Tales Interactive
Standout Well-Being App: Woebot – Woebot Labs
Best Accessibility Experience: Envision AI – Envision Technologies BV
Best Social Impact: Wisdo = Wisdo LTD.
Best Living Room Experience: Neverthink – Neverthink
Standout Build for Billions Experience: Canva – Canva
Best Breakthrough App: MARVEL Strike Force – FoxNext Games

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