Durango Wild Lands: Global Release + Review

As of today, the anticipated Durango Wild Lands is finally available worldwide! The game was already available in most regions of the world, with the exception of the United States, but now, everyone can enjoy an open-world survival MMORPG mobile game where humans and dinosaurs must coexist once again!

The game is free to play, with in-app purchases available (the usual) and is available on both Android and iOS devices. The game was developed by What! Studio and published by Nexon America. Nexon is responsible for various other MMORPG mobile games, so this is not their first rodeo in this kind of game. Although most of their previously released games were somewhat simplistic (one might say childish looking, but certainly provided in-depth content as any MMORPG requires), Durango distances itself from these simpler games and throws players into an immersive and exciting universe.

Beta for the game originally started back in July of 2017, up to January of 2018 when the game was released in Korea. Nexon has indicated planning to service the game for a minimum of 10 years, which goes a long way to show the endless possibilities that this game can have.


Durango sets players in a world completely rid of any technology (prehistoric world) after some sort of anomaly basically resets the world into a world that resembles the prehistoric age. While having to rebuild society literally from the ground up, players will walk this immense open-world map, fight and/or cohabit with dinosaurs, find islands, claim lands, build houses and a community with other players, form tribes, etc. There is no limit to what you can accomplish.

If you are familiar with Minecraft, then the concept will be very similar; except that you’ll be fighting/coexisting/taming dinosaurs rather than zombies. You can literally turn anything that you find into gears, weapons, food, furniture, etc.

Player Interaction/PvP

One thing players will appreciate from Durango is that it is free to play, and that purchased items will focus on aesthetics items such as costumes (we all know how costumes can be popular, just think of Fortnite). This means that it will in no way affect competition within the game, given that PvP will be a huge feature of the game. If all you want to do is solo play, then worry not. The game relies on a system aiding players so that one does not need to rely on other players.

Nonetheless, player interaction is an extremely important feature of the game. One can communicate through chat or voice channels directly within the game, so best find a tribe that uses a language you can talk fluently.

Considering that the game focuses on PvP, this means that the entirety of the game is online, meaning that it will actively eat your data. Make sure that you’re connected to your precious wifi.

Parting Words

Many have compared Durango to Monster-Hunter or Ark Mobile, and they are not wrong to do so. The game mechanics are somewhat strange, but you get used to it fairly quickly.

The game does have a lot to offer, provided that you find people to play the game with, otherwise, things can get pretty tiring and progression eventually becomes extremely difficult.

We have been playing the game for a while now (mostly solo, yes, we’re somewhat antisocial), and so far we’ve had a lot of fun. This is not a fast-paced game, it requires lots of grinding and patience, but in the end, it’s all worth it.


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