This week, in the realm of mobile gaming… #003

#003 Week coverage: May 11, 2019 to May 17, 2019

Call of Duty ® : Mobile – Beta begins + Massive amount of details released

Earlier this week, Activision dropped plenty of new information about the upcoming mobile version of their famous series: Call of Duty. Characters, control mechanics, maps, weapons, etc. We now know A LOT about the game. Find out everything right HERE. Plus, a Beta phase is now underway, starting with India!

Minecraft Earth – Experience Minecraft through Augmented Reality

One game we were extremely looking forward to know more about was the Augmented Reality version of Minecraft, and luckily, it all happened this week! Find out everything right HERE. This game is going to be a blast!

The Elder Scrolls: Blades – Upcoming Update

In an upcoming update scheduled for May (more details here), Bethesda announced, among other things, that repair costs would finally be adjusted. Needless to say, this was a big relief to the Blades‘ community.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Trailer + Progress

No, the game isn’t globally released yet, nor has it rolled out to another country, but Niantic and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment took a few more steps towards a worldwide launch. First, a new trailer dropped and made the community go nuts! Plus, if that wasn’t enough, people started noticing ad placement for the game in other apps! Things seem to be on a track for a potential release in June (at least that’s our best guess).

Pokemon Rumble Rush – Soft Launch

A new mobile game from The Pokemon Company was launched in Australia: Pokemon Rumble Rush, a fast-paced game that revisits the popular Nintendo 3DS game Pokemon Rumble World. More details HERE.

Durango Wild Lands – Global Release + Tips and FAQs

While Durango Wild Lands was available in most regions already, and had been for years in some cases, the game is finally available worldwide. In this thrilling open-world survival MMORPG mobile game, humans and dinosaurs must coexist once again. More details HERE, and stay tuned as we are currently working on a Tips and FAQs for the game!

Steam Link – iOS release

Steam Link brings desktop gaming to your handheld devices. The platform was only available on Android until this week, as the iOS and tvOS releases finally rolled out officially. Steam Link connects your mobile device to your Steam account and allows you to play your desktop games on your mobile, provided that you have a Mac or PC to run the game in the background. More details HERE.

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