Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Adventure mode!

Ohhh boy! Yesterday, PlayStation shared a 20 minutes footage where Thomas Wilson (creative director of the game) was invited by PlayStation Underground to present the adventure mode! Let’s take a look at it!

You can watch the complete video here.

My childhood!

As a huge Crash fan, this footage played right with my nostalgia. The game looks gorgeous! Even in my young boy memory, the game wasn’t that beautiful. The team at Beenox made an amazing job to make the game really live, with tons of details, animations, colours, …

Well, no more low poly models, pixelated textures or flat colours for sure…

Well, after this little subjective word, let’s talk about what this footage reveals!

You always have the choice

First things first, Beenox introduced a new way to play the adventure mode. So, you can play the classic way (no customization, only one racer, no settings for the difficulty), or play the Nitro-Fueled way, where you can choose the difficulty, change or customize your character and as you unlock items. That’s a nice feature, everyone will find its way to play the game.

Then, if you choose the Nitro-Fueled mode, you will see all the options available: characters, skins, karts, kart sets, … And there is a lot of options!

As said, as you progress through the game, you will unlock characters, skins, etc… that will be able to use in all modes.

Intro and Boss cinematics

In the footage, we can watch the intro cinematic, and not only it looks awesome, but hey!… Hello Penta 😛

Hmmm… What are you doing here, Penta?

Will we see Penta Penguin as a playable character? I speculate that yes we will!

Also, Beenox added brand new cinematics to replace the static boss cinematics and that makes the game really take place in 2019, where the power of consoles allows having detailed dynamic cinematics.

Ripper Roo, in all his splendid madness!

Hub worlds and tracks

The hub worlds and the tracks have also been remodelled and made richer. Lots of details have been added, and every track feels vivid and when it’s linked to a character, you really can see it, through animations, assets, colours, etc, like Crash sculptures in Crash Cove or flowers, petals and Coco statues in Coco Park. Each location really feels unique and alive!

Look at this lighting! And the level of detail!

Parting words

Well, how many times will we say this? We can’t wait to put our hands on the game!! June 21st seems so far away! Old fans and newcomers will all surely find what they are looking for in this remake of the brillant racing game. And all the modes and additional features will assure it a long life, in solo as well as in local or online multiplayer!

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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