This week, in the realm of mobile gaming… #004

#004 Week coverage: May 18, 2019 to May 24, 2019

Call of Duty ®: Mobile – New details for the Battle Royale mode released

This week, Activision dropped again new information about the upcoming mobile version of their famous series: Call of Duty. This time, it’s all about the Battle Royale mode. Classes, locations, vehicles, … Find out everything right HERE. You can pre-register for the beta now.

Pokémon Rumble Rush – Released on Android in Spain and France

We were talking about it a couple days ago, it’s finally starting to roll out. The game is cute and the gameplay will be super simple, a bit comparable to Pokémon Quest. You can find more details here.

Mario Kart Tour – Japan and US codes appearing

Android gamers in Japan and the United States started receiving their beta codes for Nintendo’s upcoming Mario Kart Tour. The actual beta began on Wednesday. Good luck to those who signed up and hopefully you’ll have a code in your inbox!

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Datamine + updated challenges

Still not available worldwide, but info is still rolling out. A datamine of the version 1.8.0 (0.8.0) has been realized by Wizard Unite World (all details here). Also, we’ve updated our Tips and FAQs challenges section with new graphics! You can find them out here.

Godzilla Defense Force – Worldwide launch

A new mobile game from Nexon and Neople Studio 42 was launched worldwide this week: Godzilla Defense Force, a base management game where you collect and battle with kaiju from the Godzilla’s lore. More details HERE.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire – 100-days anniversary

The expansive MMORPG built from the ground up for the mobile platform celebrates its 100-days anniversary with a series of special events and in-game rewards. The festivities celebrate the community of the constantly evolving game with gifts, a new dungeon, events, and the addition of 150 player PvP battles. The trailer can be seen here.

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