What’s new in the Pokemon world

Yesterday, there was a Pokemon press conference in Japan!

Everyone knows that a new movie with Pikachu featuring as a detective has been released about two weeks ago. There is a game of that Detective Pikachu that was released back in 2016. A sequel was announced for the Nintendo Switch!

Next, a new Pokemon Center will open in Shibuya Parco (Tokyo) featuring a Mewtwo at the entrance and a futuristic black and white design. Not much detail was given but it’s supposed to give you a great experience of the pokemon world and most likely some exclusive collector’s items and a lot of the franchises goodies!


They announced the first ever pokemon game to be released in China: Pokemon Quest! The game will be an enhanced version of the same game released last year on the same date. There is suppose to have more social features to the game but no further detail was added. The game is available for pre-register on Nintendo Switch and on mobile (IOS and Android).

After this, the company presented one service to rule all the pokemon trading and switching between various games (Sword, Shield, Go, Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu and Pokemon 3DS bank). This is supposed to simplify the whole process of interaction between Pokemon games. Launching date was obviously not revealed but it will be somewhere in 2020.

After the Pokemon plus launching with Pokemon Go and the Pokeball that was launched with Pokemon Let’s go Eevee/Pikachu, a new device has been announced: The Pokemon Plus Plus. The name is weird but it’s on purpose as it provides the exact same features of the plus device in addition to a sleeping tracker. It will work with another game called Pokemon Sleep. You will be able to dream about (And train) Pokemon while sleeping. How convenient is that? Tracking data of your sleep will then be available to you probably similar to a lot of phone or watch apps.

To support the latest device, John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, announced that a sleeping Snorlax will start appearing in Pokemon Go at the end of the press conference. Those special Snorlax will have the cute but useless move Yawn. They will be available until Monday, June 3, 2019, at 1 p.m. PD. Start hunting them soon!

At last but not least, a new mobile game was announced: Pokemon Masters. Trainers, champions and gym leader from some Pokemon games will be featured.

Not much detail has been revealed for now but the game will be available somewhere in 2019.

Some footage was shown during the Pokemon Press Conference


Parting word

We felt a bit left out. We didn’t find anything really exciting in all the announcement done yesterday. There is still a few nice add-ons to the existing Pokemon world but nothing that will revolutionize the world.

Are you satisfied with what was announced? Let us know in the comment section!

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