Men In Black: Global Invasion – A new AR adventure begins!

Release Date: Summer of 2019
Pre-registrations: Here
Supported devices: iOS and Android.

The Pokemon GO phenomenon certainly kicked off a trend that would seemingly never end! With the upcoming Men In Black: International movie set to release on June 2014, 2019 (starring the handsome and hawt Chris Hemsworth AND the beautiful and fierce Tessa Thompson), why not push an AR game to promote the franchise and the movie? Although this feels like a marketing move, the game could be promising nonetheless.

Men In Black: Global Invasion (MIBGN) is developed by Ludare Games Group Inc., who also has Omega Wars (real-time PvP action MOBA game) and Beast Brawlers (real-time arena battle game) under its belt. MIBGN will however be the company’s first step into the AR/geolocation realm.

The goal?

Protect Earth from the alien invasion.

As a Men In Black agent, you’ll be tasked to protect the world from alien creatures who are invading our precious earth. The game takes a lot from Jurassic World Alive from what we can tell so far in terms of PvP/online battling feature as it is expected to be turn-based.

With over 40 aliens available to capture, upgrade, evolve, etc. at launch, agents will be able to find some familiar creatures of the franchise such as Neeble (one of the four worms from the movies) or Edgar the Bug (the main antagonist from the very first movie of the franchise, disguised as a farmer, remember?) and use them into battles! Every single alien will have its own skills and stats!

Of course, a Men In Black game wouldn’t be fair to the franchise if it didn’t incorporate the weapons! Agents will be able to unlock several different weapons from the movies in order to battle and capture aliens found across the globe. From the tiny minuscule, yet insanely powerful Noisy Cricket, or the Original De-Atomizer (main weapon of Men In Black), players will be able to upgrade their weaponry as they progress.

Parting Words

This is pretty much all we know so far. The game is expected to be released in the Summer of 2019, and pre-registrations (to a Beta version? unclear…) are now opened! Pre-registered agents will receive exclusive rewards at launch. The more people register, the greater the rewards!

What about the Neuralyzer?!” is pretty much all we can complain about at this stage as there is no indication that the infamous item that erases memory will be involved.

While the graphics from the provided images certainly do not compare with current top AR games, the concept has great potential, and we are very excited to see where this leads to. Stay tuned!

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