This week, in the realm of mobile gaming… #005

#005 Week coverage: May 25, 2019 to May 31, 2019

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

New posters have been distributed for people to continue the promotion of the upcoming game with their community. Furthermore, a survey was circulated by Niantic among the Wizards and Witches with current access to the game. Some of the questions relate to their current progression, play style, impression of some basic features (tutorial, challenges, etc.), but the most important is how the survey hints at a potential friend feature.

Given that the deadline for completion of the survey is June 2nd, 2019, many, including ourselves, suspect a launch of the game late in June or early in July. Pokemon GO had a similar survey before launch (exactly two weeks before official launch, so the WUTubers community is certainly very anxious to see if Niantic uses a similar pattern.

Finally, the very first event of the game is underway, Fantastic Flora and Fauna featuring Brilliant Unicorns and Buckbeak. All the details right here!

Men in Black: Global Invasion – MIB franchise stretches to AR and Geolocation

Become an agent, capture aliens (some more familiar than others), unlock different weapons, battle other agents in the real world, and more! At least, that is what Ludare promises. Pre-registrations is opened and the game is set to launch in the Summer of 2019. All the details right HERE.

The Pokemon Company – Lots to come!

The Pokemon Company held a very brief conference earlier this week and announced several excited items.

  • Sequel to Detective Pikachu on 3DS;
  • Pokemon Quest rolls out on iOS and Android in China;
  • Pokemon Home: a hub for trainers to trade Pokemon between devices from all over the world;
  • and more!

Read more about the conference and what’s to come right HERE.

Warriors of Waterdeep – Worldwide release!

The exciting Warriors of Waterdeep is finally available worldwide on iOS and Android! The game was created in relation with Wizards of the Coast in order to offer a genuine DnD vibe, and once again, Ludia delivers! We wrote a review of the game a little while back, and in most ways, it still holds up. Check it out right HERE!

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