‘Dragon Quest’ enters the AR/Geolocation realm with ‘Dragon Quest Walk’ – Trailer and Announcement

If you’re unfamiliar with the Dragon Quest series, it’s simply because it’s mostly known in Japan. The series consist of several Japanese role-playing video games that have been, for the most part, only been available in Japan in the past. Nonetheless, it appears that Square Enix (known for several Final Fantasy installments, Dragon Quest installments, Just Cause 4, several Kindom Hearts installments, etc.) will be releasing later this year on iOS in Japan (only region announced at this time).

The game will be strongly inspired by the famous Pokemon GO. Thankfully, this new game in the series seems to remain faithful to the previous Dragon Quest games both in terms of visual quality of the creatures/monsters and dragons, and in terms of the battle mechanics, which seemingly will rely once again on a turn-based mechanic (a fan favorite).

Reports also indicate that the soundtrack will also be inspired by classic games from the series, which will make the fans of the series genuinely happy.

A beta version of the game will reportedly be available as early as June 11 in Japan for 20,000 players (on both iOS and Android), so we can expect gameplay footage and reviews very soon!

Parting Words

It shouldn’t be a surprised that the series receives an AR/Geolocation mobile treatment considering the success that every mobile game in this category has known up until known. That being said, keep in mind that nothing indicates that Dragon Quest Walk will be available worldwide (only announced for Japan at this time), and it wouldn’t be surprising if it weren’t as most of the games in the series never were. However, considering that the game would rely on geolocation, it would only make sense for it to be available worldwide, right?! Let’s hope so!

For the full announcement conference, click here.

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