‘Minecraft: Earth’ demo gameplay footage at WWDC 2019!

Today, at WWDC 2019 (WorldWide Developers’ Conference) from Apple, we were lucky enough to get the very first gameplay footage demo for the upcoming Minecraft: Earth!

Thanks to Apple’s ARKit, Mojang’s Lydia Winters and Saxs Peterson took the stage to showcase the upcoming Minecraft: Earth.

In the demo, we were able to witness:

  • The fluidity of the game;
  • The interaction between players, players can see in real-time what other players are doing and it will affect each other’s environment;
  • The possibility of bringing a small construction to a bigger size in the real world;
  • And more!

Check out the demo below to witness how Lydia and Saxs battled Skeletons together or how Lydia stepped into her own constructions, all thanks to Apple’s ARKit.

The game had been announced by Microsoft about a month ago (more details here), and it’s very impressive to see gameplay footage so fluid at this stage.

Minecraft Earth (or MCE) will be free-to-play and will be available for both Android and iOS devices. A closed beta will begin this summer. You can sign up today for a chance to experience the closed beta that will being soon this summer and to receive your free skin for Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Bedrock.

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