What to expect from Square Enix at E3!

On Tuesday was the first article of a mini-series to show what you can expect from some of the biggest gaming companies! Today, we will talk about one of the most legendary RPG company with its famous flagship, Final Fantasy: Square Enix!

The conference is scheduled to kick off on June 10, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. PDT. Square Enix has revealed some games that will be shown. Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Avengers project, Dying Light 2 and Outriders.

We know for sure that there is supposed to be another major game released this year, which will probably be a bit before Christmas. Kingdom Hearts III was released in January this year.

What to potentially expect and what NOT to expect

Final Fantasy VII Remake

If you’re like me and you did play Final Fantasy VII countless time in your childhood, you are probably as excited as me to play this remake!

There was a new trailer with some actual gameplay footage release in May.

Will a release date be announced in 2019? A demo? We take a chance by saying there might be a playable demo available after the E3 conference!

The Avengers project

We know that Square Enix is on this project for some times now with the collaboration of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal. Could it be a great moment to finally reveal a lot more details about this game? My guess is that it may actually be the next major release for this year!

The trailer from 2017

Teasing has been shown about this game for the E3 2019. Not much else is known, not even the company who will work on it!

Dying Light 2

The zombie RPG game will get a sequel that will now be published by Square Enix instead of Warner Bros for the first one.

The gameplay footage is showing how the city will change with one simple decision that you make. You will then be able to imagine how complex and replayable the game will be!

The release date might be announced at E3.

Here is some gameplay footage.
Final Fantasy XVI

The company has been really vague about this game but it’s been almost three years that the last FF has been released.

There is next to nothing that we know about the game but we know for sure that Square Enix would not let their biggest flagship game on the shelves for really long. With some new content still added to FF XIV and still a big player base, we can most likely assume that the next Final Fantasy will be a back to the source with an open world and more fantasy elements (No mecha or other futuristic devices).

Some footage of the game would actually be awesome but if something is shown, it will probably be a trailer at the end of the conference.

Babylon’s Fall

We didn’t hear anything about this game since last E3 conference. Is the game dead? Mostly not but it’s time to get some news! This game is developed by Platinum Games which co-developed NieR: Automata.

Really few details were released in last year trailer. We expect to see some gameplay footage this time!

Last year announcement trailer
Unknown game

Bulletstorm and Gears of War: Judgment game company, People Can Fly, is working on a secret title with Square Enix. A teaser might be shown at the E3 conference. The company recently opened an office in New York.

Other content to expect

Maybe some DLC will be announced for Kingdom Hearts III that came out in January this year. The game is a great success and it would not be surprising to see some new contents coming up for the players this year.

Info about FF XIV new expansion, Shadowbringers, which is due on July 2nd, would be pretty much appreciated.

With all the success that NieR Automata had it could be good timing to announce the third opus.

With the latest statistics about mobile gaming, it would be interesting to see what is the company strategy to attack this market and what game they want to focus on.

Be sure to be tuned to our twitter account as we will surely cover the conference for you!

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