Wizards Unite: Update from the Developers + Additonal features coming at launch!

Big news for Witches and Wizards this week!

First, we learned that a handful of influencers had been invited to an undisclosed event related to the game on June 18th, 2019. While this sounds like a potential launch event, the fact that so few people have confirmed being invited makes it feel like something else, but we’ll know more on June 18th!

Second, early in the morning of June 7, 2019, a brand new trailer dropped shredding some light on the plot and the timeline of the story of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Third [and finally], the developers broke their vow of silence and finally spoke to the Beta phase. While the press release doesn’t confirm a date for launch, it certainly came at a time where Wizards and Witches needed it the most. Over the past few weeks, even months, the community had grown frustrated at the marketing of the game which had been continuously going on for months with no sight or hint of a global release.

In the developers’ notes, one can see that the game has reportedly been updated quite a bit from the feedback received during the Beta phase. The notes clearly highlight how thankful the developers are for the feedback they received and how it helped them fix bugs, do a variety of internal tests, make improvements, etc.; all of this to offer a smoother experience for a worldwide release.

The most important part of the notes relates to a confirmation from the developers that additional features will be revealed at launch, which will make most Wizards and Witches very happy as many felt they had seen everything before they could even try out the game.

Parting Words

As fans of the Harry Potter universe, we are quite pleased ourselves to hear from the developers at a crucial time in the history of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite due to the terrible marketing work on the game. Furthermore, hearing that additional features will be revealed at launch is incredibly satisfying and a relief.

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