Call of Duty®: Mobile – Details about Beta, in-game economy, cross-compatibility, and more!

If you were to ask us, Activision sure knows how to handle a marketing campaign for a video game like pros. Especially when the game at hand is a brand new installement in an already existent series and that this new installement comes to a platform it never was available on before.

Most of a marketing campaign relies on communication, and with today’s new information, we can confirm that Activision knows how to address Call of Duty®: Mobile‘s community’s concerns

  • How will the game fit in the larger franchise?
  • Cross-compatibility?
  • What will the game progression look like?
  • Considering the free-to-play format and its successes/failures, what will the in-game economy look like?
  • Why a regional Beta?
  • and obviously more…

As today marks the beginning of a regional beta for the game in India and Australia, Activision published an interview with Chris Plummer, VP of Mobile at Activision in which most of these concerns are addressed and where the company provides us with a broader perspective of what the goals are with this game.

Regional Beta

Ultimately, as Chris indicates, the goal with every Beta is to gather “qualitative and quantitative data and feedback [a company needs] to help [them] understand what’s working and what’s not.” Additionally, he highlights a few key elements that they are looking for during Beta such as:

  • Technical performance metrics to identify which types of users aren’t having a smooth, stable experience;
  • Game performance data to see what loadout configurations are overpowered.

Activision will collect this data in various ways, including through the reading of in-game questionnaire, app store reviews, customer support, tickets, etc.

Chris also indicates that India and Australia were selected as they better fit their initial goals (vague response, but still a response nonetheless), and goes on to confirm that additional countries will be included in the Beta as the phase progresses and that these countries will be selected based on the feedback they collect during phase one.

In-game economy and progression

Although progression will not be fully implemented at the Beta launch, once the servers will be considered stable, the company intends on turning everything on and begin feedback collection. Little is said about the in-game economy and the players’ progression, aside from the fact that it will depend on the players’ choice/goals within the game, but it is confirmed that players will be able to purchase:

  • in-game currency;
  • battle pass;
  • purchase of items à la carte.

While the game won’t allow for cross-platform compatibility with consoles, it will however allow for iOS players to play against Android users (which isn’t groundbreaking for a mobile game).

How the game fits within the franchise

Chris considers Call of Duty®: Mobile to be a standalone experience, but that it combines features and elements from Black Ops and Modern Warfare and that this is mostly reflected in the characters available.

Parting Words

Although this interview was in some cases fairly vague, it is extremely surprising and reassuring to hear several concerns being addressed so early in the release of the game. It certainly is a positive behavior on behalf of Activision, especially for the release of a major mobile game, and we can only encourage other companies to follow in their footsteps.

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