Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Potential release date leak

Addtional information from June 14, 2019

Thanks to Gitta Lovegood, WUTuber, we now know that we may be looking at a potential staggered regional release of the game which would most likely begin on June 19/20 with the US and the UK (respectively). A recent tweet from the HPWU Japanese account suggests that an event will be taking place on July 2, 2019. There is little information known at this time on the format of the event, but we do know that attendance will be determined through applications. For the complete Japanese tweet thread, click here.

Mr. Kensho Ono, Japanese voice actor for Harry Potter’s character in the game, will be present at this event which will host 450 people.

This would align with the release history from Pokémon GO, previous installment from Niantic, where the game was released in Japan 16 days after it was released in the US.

Additional information from June 12, 2019

Niantic recently posted what they call Dev Diaries, which outline how dedicated the developers for the game are and how immersed and passionate they all are about the Harry Potter Universe. The post is extremely well written and shows how much dedication, experience, and heart has been put in the game. It certainly makes us feel like they have benefited from a lot of input and experience from dedicated fans.

The post also indicates that there will be more insight, stories, etc. to come. Along with the post, and more importantly, the Threat Clock ticked up a notch, leaving a single slot left before MAXIMUM THREAT LEVEL. This sudden change, less than a week before an Exclusive Event is to take place in LA on June 18th, gives even more credibility to what is being discussed below, i.e. a release of the game on June 19th/20th. Read on for more details.

As we are all very anxious to play the new hit from Niantic, Wizards Unite, or at the very least know when the game will be released worldwide. Hell, every content creator working around the game has shared their theories. More recently, in the last few hours, a rumor has begun growing in credibility.

According to this rumor which has been circulating on various Discord servers, which eventually allowed us to discover some very solid evidence that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be released on June 20th for the UK (only country mentioned in the rumor), and June 19th for the US (our theory). The reason for the difference in dates simply being the time difference, as this would be the global/worldwide release.

Actual evidence pointing towards a June 19/20 worldwide release

In addition, it would appear that EE, telecom company partnered with Niantic based in the UK, the company had a misstep in their marketing at a recent Consumer Event on June 10 as the CEO for EE would have reportedly confirmed a June 20th release for the UK during a demo of the game, giving even more legitimacy to our theory.

The Facebook post at the origin of this theory/leak/rumor has now been taken down on June 11, but there is no indication as to who requested that it be taken down. That being said, this only gives even more credibility to the information it contained (see below) should it have been taken down at the request of Niantic/Warner Bros. Reports also indicate that the group is known for not allowing leaks’ sharing, so it could also be a plausible explanation.

Furthermore, some posts related to the potential leak from EE Consumer Live Event are reportedly being taken down such as this tweet, which was posted earlier this morning, and is now no longer available.

Additionally, on June 11, 2019, new in-game features such as dressing up as Harry Potter himself, an updated Ministry Permit, the ability to use moving images for your profile, new stock images for your profile, and more importantly a Soft Launch Test Bundle. One can clearly see a visual bug where players were able to observe the coding reference for the bundle, which definitely refers to a Soft Launch Test Bundle. The news was reported by Harry Potter: Wizards Unite UK. Reportedly, the game still wouldn’t load the map, but Wizards and Witches from the UK were able to notice these new changes, which could be the additional features referred to in a recent post from the Devs.

Why do we give credibility to this specific rumor?

Because it all fits the marketing timeline for the worldwide release of a mobile game.

For starters, by now, you probably know of a very secret event taking place on June 18th to which a handful of content creators have been [we believe] carefully selected to attend. They clearly forgot to invite us… The way we see it, the only reason that Niantic/Warner Bros. would invite content creators to an event for a game which hasn’t been released yet is to give a final push before the worldwide release by having the people that we all see when we look for something about the game try the game in exclusive access.

Let’s push this theory one step further. Let’s speculate that the June 18th event is taking place in the evening of the PDT timezone (because who hosts an event during the day on a Tuesday?!). Therefore content creators get to test the game in the evening, potentially share their impressions with the world to create a major hype (depending on their agreements with Niantic/Warner Bros.). If the event is indeed in the evening in LA, considering the time difference with the UK, it’ll already be the 19th for them. Allowing some time for content creators to promote the hype for the game for maybe 24 hours, we end up with the release on June 19th in the US and June 20th in the UK.

It makes sense, right?

Parting Words

At the end of the day, this all remains nothing but a theory, but a theory with a marketing timeline that makes sense for a worldwide release and that has a foundation which we believe to be very legitimate.

What do you think? Are we crazy? We might be, Niantic/Warner Bros. have been messing with our head for so long now, that madness is a possibility. Are we though? Let us know in the comment section below!


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