Gears of War makes its way onto mobile devices with Gears POP!

While some big titles are seeing their series moving towards mobile devices (Call of Duty, Elder Scrolls, Diablo Immortal, etc.), Microsoft decided to take a different approach with its Gears of War series (as announced at last year’s E3).

Luckily, at this year’s E3, we have a launch date! In partnership with Funko POP!, Microsoft will be launching Gears POP! on September 2nd, 2019! Plus, they provided a new trailer, which showcases a wee bit of gameplay.

Collect and upgrade Gears of War‘s characters with brand new Funko POP! aesthetics! The game will feature over 30 characters at launch, but do not worry, it will also feature a PvP with real time online tactical combat! The very short gameplay that was showcased during the briefing seems to make for an exciting and mostly very entertaining couch-friendly mobile game.

The game will be free-to-play and will be available on both iOS and Android. You can pre-order the game here for iOS and here for Android.

While the Funko POP! aesthetics are not what hardcore gamers are usually excited about, there is a huge part of the ‘geek’ community (ourselves included) that find these POP! figures quite fun and visually appealing in some way, so we are quite excited about this game! What do you think?

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