Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Exclusive Event in LA on June 18th Discussion/Speculation/Theory

In the past 48 hours, several events/leaks have lead us to believe that a June 19th/20th global release for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite would take place. Should you have not read our article on the matter, click here for all the details. That being said, by now, we all know that an Exclusive Event for the game where a handful of content creators have been carefully selected to attend is taking place in LA on June 18th. Well, call us crazy, but we believe that for the rest of the world, this event will have a big presence on Twitter. Here’s why!

In case you didn’t know, it was confirmed during a LiveStream from XpectoGO which included several WUTubers that The Potter Collector will be attending the event in LA. Today, our dear Potter Collector tweeted something very intriguing which had us speculate on the format of the event.

Here’s how we strongly believe things will take place.

Content Creators will [obviously] get to experience the game and record amazing and exciting footage for a hyping video to be shared on their own channel in the 24 hours prior to the [suspected] release of June 19th/20th.

While this all takes place, either Niantic or some/each Content Creator will systematically release a post on Twitter (based on Potter Collector’s tweet) about the game, whether it’s about a specific feature of the game, one of the new features, use of AR, Fortress Battle, why they love the Harry Potter universe, etc. This is a similar marketing tactic that was once used by Niantic for Pokémon GO where Content Creators each had to record a short video about the game, which were all systematically, and at a specific pace, released during Pokémon GO Fest to create a sense of hype and build a momentum which would lead to an ultimate post, most likely by Niantic, confirming the release of the game for June 19th/20th.

We just have this sense of déjà vu, you know?

If we were you, we would make sure to follow on Twitter all the Content Creators that were confirmed to be invited to the event:

Finally, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Threat Clock was to hit the second before last Threat slot during the event (or the day before), so to hit the final slot on the day of the worldwide release.

Parting Words

We know, some of you will already have speculated something similar, and will most likely scream at the top of lungs “CLICKBAIT“! Go ahead, we’re just too excited and this series of events in the past 24-48 hours has us simply believe too strongly that this is precisely what will happen.

At the end of the day, this all remains nothing but a theory, but a theory with a marketing timeline that makes sense for a worldwide release and that has a foundation which we believe to be very legitimate and growing stronger by the hour! Maybe we’re just spitballing, but we need to share our thoughts or else we’ll go crazy!

What do you think? Are we crazy? We might be, Niantic/Warner Bros. have been messing with our head for so long now, that madness is a possibility. Are we though? Let us know in the comment section below!

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