Wizards Unite Wild Speculation Theory: ‘WizFest/WU Fest’ in Indianapolis…

Less than 48 hours ago, media outlets, influencers, WUTubers, and even Pokémon GO Youtubers were attending the Exclusive Wizards Unite Launch Event in Los Angeles (click here for the details). While everyone was extremely excited over the new trailer, the announcement of the start of the worldwide release, there may have been a very important detail that slipped under the carpet.

During the presentation, attendees were casually informed that Simon Malls from the Simon Property Group were confirmed to be partnering up with Niantic and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Now, why would this information matters? Because it may lead us to discover that the first ‘WizFest’ (temporary unconfirmed name) Wizards Unite Event might take place in Indianapolis.

Niantic’s history with Shopping Centres

For Pokémon GO, Niantic had partnered up with Unibail-Rodamco in order to host exclusive events at their Shopping Centres across Europe. These events were rather small (activated Lures over the PokeStops all over the malls, set up Team Lounges, and give away some exclusive prizes). While these events were too early in the development phase of the game (since they should have been taking place when Trades were implemented), it shows that Niantic has a history of partnering up with Shopping Centres and host Events at these locations.

The wild goose speculation theory

  • Knowing that Niantic/WB is partnering up Simon Property Group, that an event equivalent to Pokémon GO Fest has been confirmed for the Summer 2019;
  • Knowing that Niantic has a history of hosting events in Shopping Centres;
  • Knowing that Simon Property Group’s headquarters are in Indianapolis and that there are two Simon Malls in the city;

We strongly feel that the likelihood of the very first ‘WizFest’ in the Summer of 2019 to take place in Indianapolis (potentially in or near one of the Simon Malls in that city) is incredibly high.

Not only would this be a great demonstration respect towards this recent partnership, but it would additionally be an immense source of revenues for both parties. An Event as close to the centre of the US for Niantic will benefit them greatly in terms of access for the players; and considering the foot traffic from Pokémon GO Fest, hosting a similar event in a city where Simon Property Group has two Simon Malls would be a significant financial opportunity.

Parting Words

Now, we are fully aware that this is purely speculation and might be considered by most as a clickbait wild theory. Think so if you so choose, but we are paying for a platform where we can share our thoughts on things that matter to us, and yes, Wizards Unite matters a lot to us.

For those thinking how unfair it would be to host the event in the US, well, sure, but keep in mind that Niantic/WB are lucrative businesses, and the majority of the player base is located in the US. It doesn’t mean that other regions of the world will not get their own events (Pokémon GO also has events in Asia, Europe, etc.), but for the first one, it would certainly make sense.

What do you think? Would you see the very first ‘WizFest’ in Indianapolis? Would you go? What would you expect to happen at this event?

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