Wizards Unite generates $300,000 in spending in its first 24 hours!

According to Sensor Tower, a company that provides Usage, App, Store, Ad, and Financial intelligence on the App economy, the recently launched Harry Potter: Wizards Unite had conjured a big $300,000 in spending in its first 24 hours following its release in the US and the UK!

Wizards Unite saw 400,000 downloads in that same amount of time, which was plenty enough to allow it to reach #1 for free App download in the US App Store for iOS, which it reached in 15 hours!

To provide a little comparison, in the same amount of time, Pokémon GO had reached $2,000,000 in player spending, #1 on the US’s App Store for iOS for Top Grossing App, and 7.5 million downloads.

Even if the game has generated only 15% of what Pokémon GO did in the first 24 hours following release, the fact remains that when compared to other recent launch of AR/Geolocation-based mobile games, Wizards Unite is certainly among to top ranked.

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