Wizards Unite generates a small $1.1 million USD in players’ spending in its first weekend

According to Sensor Tower, a company that provides Usage, App, Store, Ad, and Financial intelligence on the App economy, the recently launched Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has conjured up an impressive $1.1 million USD during the first weekend following its worldwide release and nearly 3 million downloads (88% of the revenues coming from the US).

While it previously generated only a small $300,000 USD in the first 24 hours following its release in the US and the UK (more details here), which had left analysts very unimpressed), Wizards Unite is now expected to break a very small $10 million USD in its first month of existence in players’ spending.

In comparison to Pokémon GO, which had generated over $28 millions USD in its first four days following its release in the United States alone, Niantic’s new instalment is far from being expected to generate this amount of revenue in players’ spending. After a month of existence, Pokémon GO had grossed $206 millions USD, from 127 million downloads, 20 times more than what is expected from Wizards Unite.

Of course, Wizards Unite doesn’t really compare to Pokémon GO, but one important element to note is that the game is not, unlike Pokémon GO, the first of its genre on mobile devices. Furthermore, Wizards Unite is unlikely to be the kind of game that will appeal to the casual gamers due to its relatively complex core mechanics and progression system (RPG).

If we were to compare with Hogwarts Mystery, the previous mobile game from the Potter Universe, which had reportedly generated over $7 millions USD after the first four days following its release, Wizards Unite once again falls behind from an analytic point of view.

Nonetheless, Wizards Unite currently is the #1 app in the iOS store in 28 countries, but remains out of the top 10 for Top Grossing Apps (currently in the Top 100 in 29 countries). Pokémon GO had reached #1 Top Grossing App in the iOS store on its second day of release, and held that title for 72 consecutive days.

That being said, Pokémon GO did benefit from the fact that it was the very first big franchise to use the AR/Geolocation format on mobile devices. Wizards Unite has not yet been released in Japan and South Korea, when it is expected to generate more revenues from.

Data for this article from: Sensor Tower.

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