Wizards Unite – Ongoing Research Projects – Jibs need your help!

There are many unexplained mechanics or unanswered questions in Wizards Unite. Most of them will remain unanswered or unexplained unless we unite and work together.

Jibs, with the help of several dedicated Wizards/Witches, undertakes several research projects to shred some light on a handful of mysterious mechanics in the game, but we cannot do this alone. We need your help!

Below are the titles and descriptions for the various projects currently underway. We hope that the community will share those surveys with other Wizards and Witches so that we can compile as much data as possible so that we can observe clear tendencies and provide you with the BEST information that we can.

For some tips on how our team proceeds when undertaking a research project, check out the tips from our own Lady Brittany below!

Ingredients Mechanics – How to collect different Ingredients?

Let’s investigate the mystery surrounding Ingredients in Wizards Unite. Where can you get specific Ingredients? When can you get them? This is what we are trying to figure out in this survey.

Click here to see and complete the survey.

Spawn Mechanics

Wondering why certain Foundables appear more frequently than others? Let’s shred some light on spawn rates and determine each Foundable’s spawn rate!

Click here to see and complete the survey.

Portkeys – Rewards in-depth study

Through this project, our goal is to provide a more detailed analysis of what kind of rewards and how many of each rewards players can get from Portkeys.

Click here to see and complete the survey.

Oddities – Location + Weather Study

Through our last research project on Oddities, we were able to confirm their specific Time Cycles (click here for more information). However, it appears that there might be more at stake and that the players’ location as well as the in-game weather condition could be involved.

Click here to see and complete the survey.

Wizarding Challenges – Fragments collected

Through this project, our goal is to confirm which Fragments can be obtained from each floor of the Fortresses; i.e. how Wizarding Challenges affect the Fragments you receive.

Click here to see and complete the survey.

Flags – Locations

Completed. Wondering where you are more likely to find a specific Family/Flag? Check out our findings here.

DRAGONS! – Spawn Times and Locations

Let’s work together to figure out Dragon spawns. The HPWU team clearly indicated that Dragons spawn according to the weather, so it should be fairly easy to determine. Please complete the survey below for EVERY Dragon encounter!

Click here to see and complete the survey.

Spawn Frequency

For those interested in helping having a clearer picture of spawn frequency, please complete the google sheet below. You will have to make a copy of it, and then return it to us completed via email. Everyone contributing will be credited when the results are published!

This will return every couple of months as new foundables are added to the game to update our findings properly!

Click here to see and copy the spreadsheet and email your copy to us!

Tips on Research from Lady Brittany

Hey there you wonderful Witches and Wizards! Lady Brittany here again with some helpful Tips & Tricks for helping us with our awesome research projects you can find here! I have had quite a few people ask me how I am keeping track and figured I would just write up a little guide for you 😀 Keep in mind this is just what I do on the day to day and you may have a method that works better for you, everything in this article is completely a suggestion!

I write down everything I do each day, and I do this for a few reasons. 

  1. Running track of what I have done each day since the equivalent does not currently exist in game
  2. Keep track of all the projects I am contributing to but in one place
  3. Compare notes with others!
  4. Submit accurate data to each research project

Here is how I have managed to make what may seem like a daunting task very simple. 

  1. Have notebook just for HP:WU data tracking
  2. Created a shorthand for every family and foundable here
  3. Take screenshots when I am traveling from place to place or moving a lot
    1. If im walking a park to hatch portkeys I take a screenshot of the weather at the beginning and another when I finish so I know where my walk started and ended
  4. Submit my data to appropriate project when I know I am in for the night

I bought the Journal pictured below but any journal will do if you want to follow this method! You can find this particular one in local Target stores or on Amazon!

Before I give examples of what notes I personally take and some pointers let’s go over what I include and why! I include in this order; 

  • Time – Weather – Family – Foundable – Rewards (family xp, lvl xp, and extra) – Location
  • Time – Weather – Portkey & Size ( 2, 5, 7, or 10), Family, Rewards (same as above) – Location
  • Time – Weather – Fortress Level – Rune type & Level – Sponsored Y or N – Rewards – Groupsize – Location
  • Time – Weather – Ingredient – Amount – Greenhouse yes/no – Location

I give a generic for the location such as a park, parking lost, or residential and if any of them have a flag what flag type they have. I include all of these things so I can contribute the most amount of data possible, this way we can clearly see hey this family of foundables spawn more during overcast weather. Another thing I will add is the Date and what Moon Phase we are in since it stays the same all day I don’t add that to each individual note. However the weather can change throughout the day or between locations. 

Here is an example of what my notes looked like when I started on day one;

Day – Clear – Event – Brilliant Buckbeak – +2, +105xp – work 
Day – Clear – Ruins 1 – Oddities 1 – Sponsored Y – +4 Hogwarts a History Book, +1 Horned Serpent Egg, +19 Challenge, +10 oddity, +250xp – 2 people – AT&T store
Day – Partly Cloudy – Legends of Hogwarts – Young Luna – +2, +135xp – work
Day – Partly Cloudy – Portkey 5km – Hogwarts School – +15, +100xp, +1 Newt Spleen, +2 Unicorn Hair, +1 Portrait of Albus Dumbledore

As you can see writing this out in my journal was a LOT so I came up with a shorthand for everything to make my life easier! I linked it above but here it is again! Once I made the shorthand list my notes are much simpler and look like this;

D – C – E – BB – +2, +105xp – work
D – Clear – Ruins 1 – O1 – SY – +4 B/HAH, +1 HSE, +19C, +19O, +250xp – 2ppl – AT&T store
D – PCD – LoH – YL – +2, +135xp – work
D – PCD – PK5 – HS – +15, +100xp, +1NS, +2UH, +1PAD

They take way less time to do and if I take screenshots it is super easy to make the notes later if I am unable to do so for any reason. I really hope that this method will help you if you choose to contribute to our research projects! If you have a different way you are keeping track or any suggestions please feel free to add them in the comments below. I would love to hear what you are doing! Or you can join in on our research discussion on discord here as well! 


  1. hi! I think it is so great that you are doing this. I love getting information based on reliable data, instead of hearsay. I can’t wait to see what you find! May I make a couple of suggestions? In the survey, have more definitions or links to, such as what you mean by challenges vs exploration – I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t seen Wizarding News’s video, but maybe there are people who come to this page via other means and would just be guessing. And for the in game weather, it would be helpful to suggest people click on the weather icon on the map – I was just going to enter partly cloudy because the weather icon had a few clouds on it, but I thought I better not make assumptions and click on it and see, and it turns out it was actually “overcast” according to the game. Also, it would be great if you could put the drop down menus in alphabetical order – that way I don’t have to read every entry to find the one I want. It would also be lovely if there was a pdf with checkboxes of the survey questions I could print out and take with me. Obviously I don’t need it at home, but when I’m out I don’t want to rely on my memory (even with screenshots)! Anyway, just a few ideas that might help to get more accurate data. Thanks again for this awesome work!

    1. Hey Yuri!
      I have a few suggestions for the last bit! I bought a little notebook and take notes while I am out or if I am going to be sitting in one place for a bit and checking occasionally (like at works for example) I can write stuff out as I go. I can send you examples of notes I take because it only takes a few seconds to get each foundable or whatever I have done recorded. I made a shorthand for everything so it doesn’t take me to long to do them! Then I can enter everything when I get home and enjoy my time out! If I am going to be in the same park for a while i just periodically remember to check the weather 😀 There is a link to a discord server I am in at the end of the fan festival guide and you can join our research discussion there! Would love to give you pointers and show you some tips and tricks there!

  2. Hi, I couldn’t find “Ginger Root” in ingredients research form, I think you missed it somehow. Thank you

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