Pokémon Masters: Coming to mobile devices this summer!

On June 27, 2019, The Pokémon Company partnered with DeNA to make a live announcement with a few details, showcase gameplay footage, and drop a ‘lit’ animated trailer for their upcoming title: Pokémon Masters!

Here are the details that were confirmed/announced during the Pokémon Masters Direct:

  • The game is to take place on Pasio, an artificial island in the Pokémon universe;
  • Players will engage in 3 V 3 real time battles in the Pokémon Masters League;
  • The game will have a story-line where Trainers will meet-up with other Trainers, pair up with other Sync Pairs to battle together in the Pokémon Masters League, collecting badges along the way;
  • Sync Pairs: Trainers are paired with a Pokémon that will follow them outside the Pokéball along their journey (similar to the Pikachu classic);
  • Sync Moves: Special moves that will add to the battle mechanics and make battle ‘a whole lot more exciting’ according to Yu Sasaki (Producer), no additional details were provided;
  • Trainers’ Moves: Trainers will be equipped with Moves that will help them support their Pokémon during Battles, for instance by increasing their stats or healing their Pokémon.

The game was announced as free to start (not free to play) which leads many to believe that it may follow the Super Mario Run model, where players could play for free up to a certain level. Afterwards, users were required to purchase the entire game for a certain price. The game will also offer in-app purchases, which comes as no surprise.

The game has been confirmed to be available in the following languages upon release:

  • English
  • French
  • Traditional Chinese
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Spanish

Pokémon Masters will focus on Pokémon battles against trainers made famous throughout the series, such as Brock, Misty, Blue, and other gym leaders, Elite Four members, and several other famous characters.

While DeNA has worked with Nintendo in the past, this will be their first attempt at a Pokémon title.

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