Wizards Unite Fan Festival (real world event) Confirmed for Labor Day Weekend in Indianapolis!

Is this where we can say “I told you so”? Nah, we’re not like that. That being said, Niantic just announced that the very first real-world event related to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite would be called the Wizards Unite Fan Festival and that it would take place on Labor Day Weekend in Indianapolis! But we did predict it… More on that here.

When: Labor Day Weekend, August 31 to September 1

Where: White River State Park, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

How to attend: An in-game lottery will take place. Those randomly selected will have a chance to purchase tickets for the event during a limited period of time. A series of lottery waves will follow until all tickets are sold (as done with Pokémon GO Fest).

The announcement is rather brief, and goes as follows:

While we’re not quite ready to share the complete details just yet, this is one event you won’t want to miss.

Indianapolis comes as no surprise as the location for the first real-world Wizards Unite event as Simon Property Group (Official partner) has its headquarters, and two Simon Mall Shopping Centers located in the city. Having the Wizards Unite Fan Festival in Indianapolis is sure to boost in sales for them! Furthermore, Indianapolis is very much in the centre of the US, which makes it easier for more players to attend.

What to expect?

No details have been provided as to what we can expect to happen in the game, but with a recent Brilliant Event for Beta testers, it would not be surprising to see them return for the Festival.

If, like us Canadians, participation is almost impossible due to insanely expensive travel costs, worry not. Such events normally come with their share of boosts and surprises in the game for those off site as well (although usually somewhat smaller).

Early tips

If you are planning in attending, you certainly are going to want to look into booking a hotel and your travels ahead of time because as we get closer to the Festival, prices will be jacking up!

Keep in mind, we do not know as of yet how attendance will work, so if it requires tickets, you best keep your eyes and ears opened to ensure you don’t miss out on them. Following us on Twitter is the best way to do so.

As we get closer to the Festival, we will produce a more in depth preparation guide for attendees.

Parting Words

What are you expecting to see at the event or for those off site? How exciting is it to see a real world event take place so early on in the history of the game? Are you planning on attending? Let us know in the comment section below!

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