Wizards Unite’s first week generates $3 million USD in players’ spending

According to Sensor Tower, a company that provides Usage, App, Store, Ad, and Financial intelligence on the App economy, the week old Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has conjured up $3 million USD during the first week following its worldwide release and more than 6.5 million downloads.

72% of the revenues coming from the US, which was 88% after the first weekend, followed by the UK with 6% of the global revenues.

While it previously generated only a small $300,000 USD in the first 24 hours following its release in the US and the UK (more details here), followed by $1.1 million USD after an entire weekend following its worldwide release; all of which had left analysts very unimpressed) and skeptical of its potential success, Wizards Unite is nonetheless still expected to break $10 million USD in its first month of existence in players’ spending.

Wizards Unite has now dropped to #56 in the iOS App Store, and #54 in the UK’s, while it was the #1 app in the iOS App Store in 28 countries after its first weekend of existence.

For comparison (although it’s somewhat unfair to compare it to), Pokémon GO had reportedly grossed $58 millions in its first week with only access to five regions, including the US and the UK.

That being said, Pokémon GO did benefit from the fact that it was the very first big franchise to use the AR/Geolocation format on mobile devices. Wizards Unite has not yet been released in Japan and South Korea, when it is expected to generate more revenues from.

While many consider this data to be the reflection of a weak launch, comparisons aside, these numbers are incredibly positive. Furthermore, Youtubers and blog outlets such as ourselves are reporting a growth in followers and traffic, which is a positive sign for a potential increase in popularity and revenues.

In addition, the game was released earlier today in South Korea, and is soon to be released in Japan which will certainly create a significant boost in revenues and downloads.

The game is considered somewhat complex and less intuitive than others by many casual players, which might explain its slower growth than anticipated. It remains nonetheless an incredibly fun game to play and certainly has a bright future ahead.

Niantic is certainly going all in as it recently announced three upcoming Events (both in game and in the real word) related to the game. Click here to learn more on these announcements.

Data for this article from: Sensor Tower.

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