Wizards Unite Daily Rewards: August

While it’s something that most of you will soon find out as the clock strikes midnight on August 1, 2019, let’s go over what rewards

Wizards Unite: Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event Week 2 Important Clarifications

As Week 2 of the Wizards Unite Potter Calamity Brilliant Event kicked off, there was a lot of confusion as Wizards and Witches noticed that

Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event Guide – 30 Restricted Section Books!

Introduction of the Potter’s CalamityWeek 1 DetailsWeek 2 DetailsImportant TipsTasks Week 1Tasks Week 2 Why should you be hyped about the Potter’s Calamity? Because you

Wizards Unite – Game Update: Better rewards for all!

Wizards and Witches, it was just announced that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be updated over the air in the coming days bringing a few

How Sponsored Fortresses Compare to Regular Fortresses in Wizards Unite

There have been many requests to determine how Sponsored Fortresses compare to Regular Fortresses when it comes to Wizarding Challenges in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

A complete and comprehensive guide to Fortresses and Wizarding Challenges

Greetings Witches and Wizards! Lady Brittany here with an in depth look at Fortresses and Wizarding Challenges! There is a lot of information when it

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