Leaked picture suggests that Armored Mewtwo is coming soon to Pokémon GO

Earlier in April, a trailer for the upcoming Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution dropped and left Pokémon fans speechless for many reasons, mainly as this movie is to be a remake of the original Mewtwo Strikes Back. The trailer highlighted several scenes that made fans nostalgic, but more importantly, it showcased a jaw dropping Armored Mewtwo (see image below). Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution is set to release on July 12, almost a week from now.

How does this relate to Pokémon GO?

Earlier today, a picture of what appears to be Armored Mewtwo as a Raid Boss being showcased during some sort of a Keynote presentation was leaked. The image doesn’t feel fake, but one should remain careful nonetheless.

If you don’t know, Nintendo has previously used Pokémon GO to promote the release of one of its movies, Detective Pikachu, where tons of Detective Pikachu would spawn in the wild. Considering that Mewtwo has only been available through Raids in Pokémon GO, the leaked picture makes perfect. That being said, and considering that Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution is set to release in almost a week, one could say that there is a lot of credibility to a potential Armored Mewtwo as Raid Boss in a very near future (because it would simply makes no sense for it to be introduced in Pokémon GO a month or more after the release of the movie). Perhaps even an announcement will take place tomorrow or Friday to coincide with the beginning of Pokémon GO Fest in Dortmund? One can only speculate.

Since Armored Pokémon is an entirely new concept, there isn’t much left to speculate about, other than the fact that clearly, Mewtwo’s statistics would be boosted in some ways.

What do you think? Is the leak credible? How would this be implemented in Pokémon GO, through EX Raid or Legendary Raids? How strong would this Mewtwo be? Share your thoughts below!

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