Wizards Unite – Spellcasting Accuracy Boost Glitch – How to trace a Masterful Spell!

Sadly, as of update 2.1.0, this glitch exists no more.

Wondering how you get get the difficult and elusive Masterful when casting Spells? Well, a glitch has been reported and it might just be what you need!

The glitch was first reported by u/Rolling_Shutter on Reddit, but we are here to explain to you how it works.

How it works

In order to use this glitch properly, you must make to always have one finger on the screen. As indicated by u/Rolling_Shutter, “the trick is to put your first finger down, then the second finger and then release the first finger” and so on.

  1. Tap and hold the starting point of the glyph
  2. As you release the starting point, tap and hold the second point of the glyph
  3. Repeat until you are done casting your spell and make sure to complete these steps extremely quickly!

In short, this glitch will you be extremely more accurate when casting spells that are in straight lines such as the spells below (and the other spells as well, to some extent).

Arresto Momentum





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