Mobile Gaming Analytics: Q2 2019 reaches a new high!

App Annie is a platform aimed to deliver the most trusted app data and actionable insights for any business to succeed in mobile, all of it, through the only data platform supporting the entire app lifecycle. It also provides various reports throughout the year, such as Quarterly financial reports on the state of mobile app usage.

Today, it provided its mobile apps report for Q2 2019, and it should come as no surprise that Q2 reached a new high for mobile gaming, and mobile apps in general. In terms of big picture numbers, in Q2 2019, mobile gaming saw:

11.2 billion apps downloaded  |  1/3 of global app downloads
$16.96 billions in consumers’ spending3/4 of global app spending

While the majority of the mobile games’ downloads took place the Google Play Store (A 265% lead on iOS downloads), mobile gaming on iOS reports the same rate as Google Play in consumers’ spending, which is 75% of all mobile app spendings. This certainly goes to show how valuable the mobile gaming industry is on the mobile app market.

In terms of regional statistics, on iOS and Google Play, the US represents the biggest portion of all mobile games’ downloads, while China takes the lead in terms of consumers’ spending for mobile gaming on iOS, followed by the US, and Japan. The US being #1 in consumers’ spending for mobile gaming on Google Play.

Unlike what most analysts expected, hyper-casual only lead in terms of downloads. Role Playing, Strategy, and Action mobile games, such as our favorite lately Wizards Unite, saw the highest consumers’ spending in Q2 2019.

Wizards Unite‘s older brother, Pokémon GO, made an appearance in the top 10 for consumers’ spending (#9) and in terms of monthly active users (#6). PUBG MOBILE strikes as the biggest surprise in terms of monthly active users (#1) considering the game has only been on the market for over a year, while the rest of the leaders in this category have been there for several years.

Needless to say, the mobile gaming market is booming and we are certainly looking forward to the results from Q3 2019, but more specifically to the release of new mobile games in the near future.

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